Nov 20, 2011

Preppy Style

Preppy = Pretty

Is your style preppy? Do you love crisp, fitted lines and classic looks? If so, take a peak at some of the hottest preppy picks for this season! Remember: preppy girls like things that look professional, but never "granny". From chunky belts and oxford wedges, to clean blouses and classy bows, there are tons of hot new preppy fashion items on the market! Take a look at Flaunt It's favourite picks....

Is your style preppy? Post a comment bellow with your thoughts on our preppy picks, your preppy princess style secrets and the sweet reasons you love your look...


  1. Preppy is so chic, are you a part of the prep squad?!

  2. So awesome! My style is not exclusively preppy, but i definitely have some preppy pieces that i l-o-v-e to the max! :)

  3. Oh lala! I think I am preppy!My look is kinda like that........! I love it!


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