Oct 15, 2010

Girls Like You....

Girls Like You...
Meet 2 incredible girls who know helping others is what is best!

All over the world there are thousands of girls doing thousands of good deeds, just like you. It does not take a lot of effort to donate some time to your community and make a difference. Two girls who live by that prerogative are Violet. C and Mackenzie. O. The two know what making a difference really means and they do everything in their power to do so…

Violet C.
Shelter Helper

Violet C. a 13-year-old girl decided it was time to get up and make a difference. Violet wrote to us from Toronto saying she hated seeing homeless people in her streets. “I feel badly for them. When I go shopping with my friends I bring a lot of money and may buy something silly or worthless that I don’t even need, while they are begging for just a meal” She continued to say that about 2 weeks after that thought hit her she did some research. “I learned that there are organizations that help these poor people and my mom took me to one so I could.”

Now it is two years latter and Violet has helped to get over 100 homeless people indoors and with food. Violet feels good about what she is doing because she knows she is making a difference. Violet told us that you are never too old or too young to do the right thing. Violet C. is taking action in her community and hopes more kids like her can start doing the right thing. 

Mackenzie O.
Elder Buddy

Mackenzie O. of Saskatchewan has always been interested in donating time to others. “Even at a young age I wanted to help out” Now at age 10 Mackenzie works weekly at an elders home “I don’t have any family there but, a while ago when I went to visit my friends granny I learned that a lot of the elders don’t get many visits” I felt so bad I knew I had to do something. She inquired about helping out at the home and the owner quickly agreed.

Elder Buddy is a program that Mackenzie started herself after a few months of working at the home. She explained to us how the program worked “Kids, teens and adults sign up to participate in the program.” They become a caretaker for a few hours each month of their selected buddy. It is the responsibility of the caretaker to take out their buddy on excursion day. The excursion could be a walk or a theater show. It just need’s to be something they can enjoy.  Mackenzie says the elder’s love it and so do we.

I hope Violet and Mackenzie’s stories have inspired you to get up and start making a difference. Remember it does not take much to make a difference so get out in your community today and start changing the world!