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Dear Flaunt It,
I have really oily skin and it is so hard to maintain! What do you recommend I do to make sure my skin is always clean and perfect?
-Oil Girl

Hi Oil Girl,
Don't worry....a lot of girls face the same dilemma as you and there are tons of products to treat oily skin. The hard part is knowing what product is best for you? Personally I would suggest you check out Neutrogena SkinID. Just go to and take the quiz designed to determine what products are best for your skin type. The quiz is easy and fun to take plus you start to learn more about your skin and what products will help your skin reach pure perfection!

Dear Flaunt It,
Usually at school I get chilly. I don't like wearing sweaters but it is the only way I seem to be able to keep warm! What can you suggest to keep my looking and feeling hot?

Scarves don't just make a super cute accessory they are also fabulous for keeping your body heat up! Scarves comes in thousands of hot patterns and can be worn tons of different ways! Try adding a scarf to your outfit because it will look great and warm you up too!

Dear Flaunt It,
My style is generally pretty sporty. I often wear sweat pants and hoodies to school. I like my style but I lot of my friends dress in skirts and blouses and wear jewelry and makeup. I don't want to change my style because I love comfort clothes. What are some comfortable and stylish clothes?

Remember all styles are stylish! If you enjoy dressing more athletically because of comfort there are tons of options! Lululemon in particular has many pieces that have clean lines and tight fits making your sporty style more edgy.  

Dear Flaunt It,
I  love eye shadow but my mom does not let me wear any to school. I don't think it is fair...other girls wear make up! Any tips?

Light pink, purple and even gold eye shadows are very subtle. Try asking your mom if it is okay to wear a lighter shade of eye makeup. Remember if your mom says now there are other make up alternatives such as lip gloss and lip balm that can also add a lot to our look!

Dear Flaunt It,
My lips are always very chapped. I am outside a lot and I think that plays a part in my lips being so dry! What should I do?

If your lips are dry then bring a lip balm along with you when you go outside! For the winter get a lip balm made from bees wax and for the summer get a lip balm with (SPF) protection from the sun!