Dec 15, 2010

There Are Those With Opinions....

For years fur has been one of the most controversial parts of the fashion industry. In fact, it wasn't long ago that anyone who wore fur was seen as inhumane. The "I'd rather go nude then wear fur" campaign from PETA was the root of this observation. The campaign featured fashion icons such as Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson  to name a few, naked in an advertisement for animal rights. People would do anything to protect animals, but now a days fur is creeping back into society. Fur trimmed mittens, coats hats and in particular mukluks are everywhere, including our school...

I surveyed my friends asking their opinions on fur trimmed clothing....while "offensive" and "mean" were commonly used words others look at fur as "a fashion statement" or "a trendy touch". Words are words, the real way to tell if people are pro or anti fur, is whether they are wearing it or not....

What's your opinions on fur?

Dec 1, 2010

Hot Hostess Gifts

 Hot Hostess Gifts

Get your gift giving game on and splurge for your best friends! Hostess gifts for your bff’s are a great way to show you care! From simple to a bit more extravagant, here are some fun ideas to say thank you to that pal throwing a holiday party!

Keep it simple and make a CD of their favourite tunes! Be creative by giving your CD a theme! Or try something even more personal with an electronic scrap book! Your friends will love the memories you are bringing back through the photo montage!

Every teen girl loves nail polish, plus it makes a great gift! Nail polish is amazing for its in inexpensive price and exciting range of colours! The next time you’re invited to a holiday bash, pick up three of the hostess’s fave nail polish colours and put them in a small clear bag with fun wintry tissue paper.

We all love winter woolies and they don’t break the bank! Toques with fuzzy pom pom’s, cozy fur trimmed gloves and long knitted scarves! Woolens are the perfect way to say thank you to that hostess and make a fun addition to their winter wardrobe!

For that extra special them you really care with personalized m&’s! These sweet treats are great because you can make them really mean something special with photos and phrases! Everyone loves m&ms..especially when they are custom-made!

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