Feb 28, 2011

2011 Oscar Oh La La Gowns...

 The Oscars are always a night filled with glamor and gorgeous  gowns! Witch celebs were flaunting it and who were the best dressed? Read on for 2011 Oscar oh la la gowns....

This dress is simple but beautiful for its colour. The jewel tone purple stood out on the carpet and looked beautiful against Natalie's fair complexion.

This was Anne's nicest dress of the evening. The dramatic red was fresh and fun while the rosette's added a playful yet, elegant touch!

Sandra went for a daring red. The dress is very classy and looks beautiful on Sandra.
Pretty and age appropriate this young starlet proves she isn't just a fab actress...she knows fashion too! Her delicate dress was a perfect choice!

Helen shows you can be classy at any age in this silver/gray dress. A perfect choice of dress both for its classy Hollywood glamor and for its graceful colour.    

But Who Wins The Oscar For Best Dressed?
Here is Flaunt Its Top 3 Picks for Best Dressed Celeb...
Jennifer's bold red gown was a true stunner! Not only did the dress's classy lines show off Jennifer's figure amazingly, the gown was also elegant and made an impact. Love that look!     

Halle's dress was so delicate and elegant, a true breath taker. Not only was the colour beautiful the design of the dress was absolutely stunning! Definitely Halle looked superb!

Reese's simple frock was so elegant. The black and white dress's simplicity was classy and clever! Reese's look was very glamorous and one that really optimized her beauty! This look was amazing!

Feb 25, 2011

Bottled Up

Is Perfume A More Attractive Purchase If You Love The Bottle?

Whenever I am in shops that sell perfume I am almost always drawn to the perfume bottles...especially when they are elaborate and fancy! Take Marc Jacobs Daisy or Lola perfume …the bottles are adorned with large ornamental flowers ….sure to catch my eye! Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line of fragrances Harajuku Lovers… the bottles are super stylish dolls! So…my question is ….are you more likely to buy the perfume if you love the bottle ?
Chances are if you are unsure about the perfume a fabulous bottle will likely give you the incentive to splurge, but what if the bottle is not so hot? Don’t judge a book by its cover is a relevant part of reality when shopping for perfume! If the fragrance is fab but the bottle is drab would you really still buy the fragrance? I decided to see for myself what girls had to say about the topic so….I did a little poll (special thanks to all of my lovely readers who participated) and a booming 75% of girls said yes, they would be inclined to buy the perfume if the bottle was amazing even if the price was high, 13% of girls said no, 7% of girls said for them it depended on how high the price of the perfume was and 4% of girls said they did not buy perfume.

Me? I am undeniably attracted to the bottle. In fact the inspiration for this article was my Daisy & Lola Marc Jacobs perfume, which in all honesty I love a great deal more for the bottle! Don’t know what your opinion is on the subject? The next time you walk into a shop that sells perfume see which bottle your eye is instantly drawn to, and chances are (if your like the other 75% of girls) the bottle will be just to die for!

L.A.M.B. Harajuku Lovers Fragrance....
Benefit Fragrance....
Marc Jacobs Fragrance...
Britney Spears Fragrance...
John Galliano Fragrance...
Christian Dior Fragrance

Feb 22, 2011

Marble Manicure

Oh la la...because us girls are always lookn' for a totally chic new way to totally flaunt it...why not fab yourself up with the marble mani! The marble manicure is a totally fab way to glam up your nails...get your glitz on with cute colours and funky designs! Your nails will look beyond amazing...here is how to do the marble mani.....  

How To Do Your Own Marble Manicure

What You’ll Need:
-A Styrofoam cup
-A toothpick
-A few different bottles of nail polish
-Some tape

*Before you start remember this is a time consuming manicure so make sure you have at least 20 minuets to complete your nails.

1.    Fill a Styrofoam cup with warm water and set aside.
2.    Paint your nails with a base coat and leave to dry.
3.    When your nails are dry take some tape and put it around your nail bed so only your nails are uncovered, this will help latter so you don’t get nail polish on your skin!
4.    Drop a bit of nail polish into the Styrofoam cup and continue dropping nail polish in the water with different colours, you should be making a bulls eye shape.
5.    Use a toothpick to create an interesting design with the nail polish!
6.    Carefully dip your nail in the water, use the toothpick to remove the excess nail polish from around your nail.
7.    Remove your nail from the water. When the polish is dry peel off the tape.
8.    Repeat this process for all 10 nails, it is time consuming but it is definitely worth it, your nails look fabulous after!

Feb 17, 2011


Top 3 Accessories For Spring
The Designer’s donned their models with ‘em on the catwalk….here’s how you can wear ‘em for less!

#1 Jewelry: Just Gems vs. Monochrome & Metallic
When it comes to jewelry for spring you have two options: big bold gems or subtle monochrome pieces. From Oscar de la Renta to Bulgari over sized jewels were huge on the runways! Chane;'s spring/ summer 2011 runway show   Your best bet on emulating this designer fad for spring? Costume jewelry! Check out Ardene’s  for bangles and necklaces with big gem stones in tropical blues, purples, greens, yellows and reds. Remember when it comes to big gems less is often more so pick on piece such as a bracelet, necklace or earrings to show off!

#2 Monochrome & Metallic
Chanel’s Spring/ Summer 2011 runway show was filled with monochrome and metallic jewelry. The models would generally be wearing a necklace or bracelet made from chains and baubles in white, grey, black, silver and gold tones. Check out H&M for chic jewelry with a “mono” and “meta” Chanel vibe!
#3 Bags: Warm Colour Crew
Jérôme Dreyfuss’s runway show had some super cute totes in a variety of fun colours like camel, pink, orange and beige! Dreyfuss’s totes are a great inspiration for your collections of spring baggage…think bright bold colours! Forever 21 has some really cool totes in neutral and bold colours perfect for spring! 

 Puttin’ it together:

Skinny jeans are always in style and make a great base to an outfit. On top, try a tight fitting tank top in a neutral colour. Tight jeans and a tight shirt add a sassy yet crisp attitude to your look plus, it is the perfect canvas to accessorize on! Mix and match costume jewels with sterling silver bangles for a totally high fashion feel. To carry your stuff around town, go for an over sized bag in a bold colour. Now you’re totally ready to rock the Spring season…let the sidewalks be your runway!

Feb 16, 2011

G of The Sea

Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea…
Latest Obsession... 
This fragrance features top notes of crisp apple, water lily and piquant crushed berries, peony, jasmine and a hint of musk. The bottles are by far the best ones! This collection of fragrances will be youthful and witty perfect for hanging out with friends on the weekends and after school.

Feb 14, 2011

Valentines Day: Perfect Gift

Valentines Day Love #1 Vera Wang Preppy Princess

The latest fragrance from the Vera Wang Princess Collection...preppy princess! This perfume is sweet smelling and fun...perfect for all the preppy princess's out there!

Happy Valentines Day!


Flaunt It

Feb 11, 2011

Valentines Day Countdown Love #1

I heard it this morning and my jaw dropped I certinaly did not see this coming! Definitely a throw back to Madonna/ 80s pop and in that sense it is not creative! If new as old is making a comeback this is the next BIG thing!  I can see this getting stuck in my head and I can see my self dancing to the lively beat of the music! 
V-Day LOVE #1 Lady GaGa Born This Way!

Do you love it....comment bellow and share your thoughts!

Feb 10, 2011

Valentines Day Event

What Do You Love?

It is  almost Valentines day and to celebrate Flaunt It is posting something totally lovable everyday until the big day where the L.O.V.E. of the year will be posted! 
Check back daily to see all the cool stuff being posted and post a comment bellow and share your loves....fashion, beauty, music and more....if ya love it then share it!
Flaunt It

P.S. Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the perfume poll...results will be up next week and if you have not yet cast you vote scroll down to the last post to share your thoughts!

Feb 2, 2011

Oscar De La Renta Spring Collection Runway Review: Modern Day Fairytale

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 Runway Show Review
~*~Modern Day Fairytale~*~

Mix together some extravagant frills, giant jewels and stilettos and you have an Oscar de la Renta runway show that leaves you dreaming you were invited to a grand ball at which an Oscar de la Renta gown was the only attire  acceptable......(it is a disappointing drift back down to reality!)

Spring is going to be beautiful! Oscar de la Renta uses floral prints often throughout the show, in some outfits even crocheting  flower designs into cardigans and dresses! I think this flowery touch adds a huge dose of delicacy to the clothes. A flower is really known for its delicate and gentle appearances and those vibes were really a big part of the show because of how present they were in the gowns and dresses themselves!

I was personally really excited to see the ballgowns. I love fancy and frilly things and this collection had a lot of dresses that were very much that style! I think that part of the "ballgown essence" is that over-the-top, luxurious look and that is really captivated in this show! Coco Rocha wore one of my favourite dresses in the collection. The black and white dress was sophisticated and the large puffy skirt was gorgeous! All of the ball gowns had exquisite detail and reminded me of a modern day fairytale!

Hair and makeup for this show was very sophisticated! Lips were done in nude colour and skin was left in natural tones but the eye makeup had a lasting effect! The models had either a blue.green eyeshadow or a black/grey eyeshadow. Both alternatives were very beautiful and complimented the clothes very nicely. Hair was parted down the center and twisted into a high bun at the crown of the head, this style had a very regal feel to it.

In conclusion I absolutely loved the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 runway show. One of my favourite aspects of the show was the colour hues which were ranging from tropical to pastel! In the words of Oscar himself "fashion is only fashion until a women puts it on" something tells me Oscar de la Renta might be one of the most fashionable designers around then.....because lots of women will be dying to "put on" his clothes!

Feb 1, 2011

Coming Soon: Oscar de la Renta Spring RTW Runway Review

Coming Soon To Flaunt It Blogazine.......

Oscar de la Renta Spring/ Summer 2011 Ready To Wear Runway Show Review!
Come back soon to see this post.....

For now get your fashion fix from the Chanel Ready To Wear Runway show review posted bellow...simply scroll down!