Sep 24, 2011

Fab Fob

Which celebs have mastered the fob and which.....have not!

The fake-bob, also known as the fob, is a trend that celebrities have adopted for red carpets and gala evenings alike. Pins, hair spray and the right stylist can leave A-listers looking luxe, but when hair ends up in the wrongs hands.........let's just say no one ends up happy! From fab to drab here are 6 celebs who have attempted the fob...

Taylor has pinned back her signature fairy-tale locks and I love it. Bonus points for leaving a few strands down (keeps the style natural). Taylor, you look fab with a fob!

Naya Rivera's fake bob is a total nay! Those sloppy falling out strands and stringy fly-aways look awful. I'm getting the feeling she looked at her watch 20 minuets before she had to be on the red carpet, freaked out, and did a lil' DIY fob. Not a good look!

The always elegant Amy Adams looks lovely with her fob. The gentle loose locks around her face are very pretty, plus her hair is not too stiff looking making for a breezy vibe. Amy, I'm oving this look!

No offense Rachel Bilson, but your fob is a little too basic to be considered fab. You look like a pioneer girl with your hair slicked right back! Go for your long flowing locks next time...they suit you way better.

Selena is such a sweetie and short hair would look darling on her, but this attempt at a fake bob is not cutting it. The loose fly-aways and chunky pieces of hair make it look like Sel' just rolled out of bed (on the wrong side). Sorry Miss. Gomez, but this hair style is not a hit!

Elegant, classy, effortlessly chic....Freida Pinto's fake bob deserves a double thumbs up! Her luxe curls look even more stunning when shifted more on to one side. Frieda, you look simply divine!

Some stars know how to pull off a trendy hairy style...some not so much. The key to a fob is to make it look simple and natural.  The fob is a fun hair style that I recommend you try (practice a bit first) the next time you are headed for a night out.

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Sep 22, 2011

Light Hot

Light Hot: Alexander Wang's Spring/ Summer 2012 Collection was a hot spot at New York Fashion Week....

Collection Run-Down:

The Vibe: Minimalist, clean, cutting edge, very fresh.

Why I Loved It: Practicality meets pretty! The flowy garbs are perfect for humid summer days. 

Trend To Watch: The clean-cut boho style of the clothes looks like it is going to be a big hit next season. 

What Flaunt It Insiders Are Saying:

"This collection really hit home for me! I loved the shapes of the clothes." Amy More

"I can see myself wearing a lot of the pieces in my collection. Designed for women in mind...I like that! Alexander Wang gets a double thumbs up for this collection." Natalia Hu

"I am already obsessed with anything that flows...this collection is very, very me!!" Sara Mayer

"No one does womanly chic like Wang. This collection should do well next season." Mia Burle

"When I watched this show I felt like I could connect to what Wang was thinking as he designed the outfits. Very impressive to see he designs with real women in mind. Impressive is a big word for this collection." Tania Halgard

This collection was definitely popular! What did you think of it? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts....

Sep 15, 2011

D&G Fall 2011

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana could be two of the most sought after designers in fashion's history. Their collections are always stunning and their Fall 2011 collection was no disappointment! From fun playful colours to an all-around chic-meets-streets vibe this show was one filled with garments you (and I) will not soon forget!

Many of the Fall collections have featured bold splashy colour which is something that is unique to this season's collections. D&G are leading this trend with zinging oranges and lollipop yellows. In the bleary grayness of Fall it is always nice to see a pop of colour, D&G must agree!

One of the parts of the collection I loved was the footwear! Converse are not usually associated with couture, but in this collection they might as well be. High top black classic Converse are all the models are wearing. The shows add a fun "I-don't-even-care" feel to the style of the clothes - very cute!

Overall this collection was truly irresistible! The best way to describe the clothing was "fun" which is pretty amazing considering fashion is meant to be fun. Let's face it...if you can't have fun with your fashion why bother trying to immerse yourself in it?

Check out some of my favourite looks from the show....

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Perfume Buy Of The Day

Todays perfume buy of the day is Anna Sui's Flight Of Fancy perfume! The adorable bottle and beautiful fragrance are enough to get any girl feeling fine and fabulous!

This fragrance is available as 30ml, 50ml and 75ml EDT, and as matching body care products, 200ml body lotion and bath & shower gel.

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Sep 4, 2011

OPI Muppets Collection

Calling all Muppet lovers! OPI's latest collection is inspired by the popular kid-friendly puppets: the Muppets!

Get glittery! This colletion sparkles like mad.
This Christmas the Muppets will be hitting the big screen in Disney's The Muppets and so OPI is making a polish collection to go along. The movie will feature all your favourite Muppets characters as well as some of Hollywood's hottest stars: Amy Adams Jason Segel and Chris Cooper!  This adorable family friendly comedy promises laughter for all. Stay hits the movie theatres on November 23rd. 
Polishes inspired by the characters!

OPI is launching a 12 piece special edditon collection for holiday 2011. The polishs are inspired by the fun-loving Muppet mood with colours ranging from cherry red to plump purple! It get's better.....6 of the 12 polishs come in pure glitter! Paint yoru tips a sparkly colour: anything from green to pink to multi-coloured! 

This collection looks as cute as can be! Are you excited? Post a comment bellow to let me know...

Sep 3, 2011

Top 3 Fall Fashion trends 2011

Well, it is that time of year again and all though none of us enjoy thinking about it....look on the bright side: along with going back comes back to school shopping. Know, tell me....what girl doesn't love that? Flaunt It is dishing on the 3 hottest trends to keep you top of fashion class...

Original mod style
#1: Mod Missy

Mod trend on the runways for Fall 2011
This Fall the mod look is big! From basic mini dresses to solid colours the "Twiggy" era is back and bigger than ever! Mod is a style that has been interpreted in tons of ways over the years, but Fall 2011 promises a most fashion forward throwback. Go for basic boxy dresses, short skirts and sleeveless tops.

#2 Dotty Darling

Stella McCartney Fall 2011
Dots make headlines on the runways
Polka-dots have never looked so chic! This Fall 2011 black and white polka dots are all over the runways! Dresses, pants, skirts, shirts it seems like designers are obsessed with the darling dotted look. Stella McCartney in particular is amping up the dot trend, using sheer dots in her Fall 2011 runway collection! The polka dot look is hot.....go for a cute spotted blazer of t-shirt to get the dot look spot on this Fall!

#3 Paillettes = Perfection

Paillettes on the runway
Prada Fall 2011
This Fall scale inspired detailing was popular on the runways. The most notable use of this unique new texture was in the Prada Fall 2011 runway show. The shimmery scale style is chic and adds a cool look to any outfit. Get a scaled skirt or dress to full-fill this style statement come this Fall 2011!

So this Fall will you be rocking the mod trend, or will you be aiming to get that dotted look spot on? Who knows maybe you will be extra daring and attempt to master the paillettes style! Whatever style trend you try this Fall be sure to have fun with it. Without questions Fall is my favourite season for fashion....don't hold back with your fashion.  Be a Fall fashion trendsetter!

Sep 1, 2011

Carven Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear Show

Guillaume Henry, the designer of Carven, knows that French fashion must have a certain unique flare. Sometimes that flare may be colorful and extravagant and sometimes that flare may be subtlety chic. Carven's Fall 2011 ready-to-wear show may have opted for #2, but regardless the collection was unique.While this budding fashion house was launched only 2 years ago it is making serious impressions on some of fashions most influential people. 

The label is all about bourgeois, true francophile style. Ladies look proper and prim in Carven without looking dowdy or old fashioned. Guillaume Henry's muses for this particular collection were Lee Miller and Simone de Beauvoir. Mission accomplished! The collection was simplistically basic....think: Chanel and the classic little black dress. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:

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