Jan 27, 2011

Chanel Printemps / Eté 2011 Prêt-à-porter défilé de mode

Chanel Printemps / Eté 2011 Prêt-à-porter défilé de mode
Chanel has always been one of my favourite designers! Chanel is as well known for its classy and feminine designs as it is for its elaborate and breathtaking fashion shows….

The spring/ summer 2011 ready to wear show did not disappoint…the surreal dream-like setting complimented the gorgeous clothes. The 18-minute show whirls one into a world of style and beauty as lavish and spectacular as Coco herself…

Taking place in Paris, at the Grand Palais this show filled 3,000 seats, dressed nearly 90 models and featured a stunning 80-piece orchestra! The Grand Palais had the look and feel of a majestic “indoor courtyard” with huge fountains and a monochromatic ornamental garden filled with topiaries and fountains.

The clothes matched the beautiful venue and Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel outdid himself with elegant and appealing peices. When asked the inspiration for the collection Karl responded: “For me the inspiration was definitely the feathers!”

…And the feathers were very much a part of the show! Carmen Kass wore a beautiful peachy pink feathery dress that looked stunning due to the way the feathers swayed as she moved. (That dress was a personal favourite!) 

Texture was noted throughout the show, as almost all of the clothing had a fraying or feathery edge. This effect added unique feeling to the clothing, modernizing the classic label. Each piece of clothing told a story and the care that had been put into them was inevitable!

Aside from feathers, monochrome was big! It was not only present in the scenery but in the clothing as well! Blacks, whites and grays captured the sophisticated Chanel essence while light pinks, blues and yellows made contrasting appearances in the forms of skirts, blazers and dresses!

The dresses were all very flowy and loose fitting and grazed between the mid thighs and mid calf in a graceful way. A personal favourite piece in the show was the stunning over sized black parasols. The parasols were very glamorous and had an aristocratic feel to them.

The simplicity of the models hair and makeup added an edgy touch to the classy clothing. All models donned black eye makeup best characterized as a Smokey raccoon eye and light pink or nude lip colour. The hairstyle: a low ponytail parted in the center glamorized by a beaded or feathery bauble.

The Chanel Spring/Summer ready to wear show was dazzling and the clothes were striking. The collection will be available in boutiques in March! Take inspiration from this collection for your own spring/ summer wardrobe by looking out for flowing dresses in monochrome fabrics, tweed blazers and skirts in pale yellows, pinks and blues and of course something...feathery!

Clothing Exchange Party

One person's trash, is another person's treasure
The fashion lover’s ultimate party…
The nifty, thrifty way to party!

Looking for a fun way to get together with friends on the weekends? Why not try a clothing exchange! A clothing exchange party is a fantastic way to have fun with friends and beef up your wardrobe! So how does clothing exchange party work? Read on to learn more….

Round a group of your friends and tell them to gather old clothes and/ or accessories that they don’t like or don’t want anymore. Have your friends bring along their stash of unwanted items to the hostess home. Serve drinks and snacks and pool together your clothes and accessories! Go wild trying on new things and deciding what looks best on whom! One person’s trash is another person’s treasure so when you find an item you like considering it yours for the keeping! Any leftover clothing should be donated to goodwill.

A clothing exchange party is fabulous because everyone benefits! You get rid of clothes your don’t want anymore, you get new clothes and you get to donate to charity as well, it is a win-win-win situation for all. Lets get partying!

Jan 19, 2011


Recently while flipping through the pages of a magazine I saw the advertisement for this perfume and became interested in the intentions of this strange perfume. The ad (shown above) features a space-aged women with an hour glass figure dramatically posed with her golden gown billowing about her...

When one thinks of an alien a rather freakishly distorted image comes to mind. The slogan for this perfume is "Feel Extraordinary" which is interesting considering the reputation aliens have as being monster-like. I decided come up with some reasons why this Perfume would be an attractive purchase for women and girls.

I think that Theirry wanted women to feel mysterious and exotic while wearing the perfume, aliens are a mystery and whether or not they exist is questionable; perhaps this perfume is an attempt to get females in touch with there inner secrets? I think people find mysterious things glamorous, perhaps this perfume aims at getting purchasers feeling glam?

The 'space' theme is very relevant both in the advertisement, the title of the perfume and the shape and design of the bottle. The bottle is very angular and reminds me of a space ship. The gold and purple are a vivid contrast and create a regal feel. I think this aspect of the perfume bottle encourages women to feel   luxurious while wearing the perfume {although that totally contrasts towards the image of aliens and space ships}

Thierry is no stranger to perfume with a clear image. Thierry is also responsible for Angel and Womanity, both fragrances like Alien with a very direct and specific image.

There is something alluring about the unknown....and I think that is definitely something that this uniquely entitled perfume is striving to portray....

Whats your take on Alien perfume? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts!

Jan 17, 2011

Fashion Week Paris 2011 Highlights

I will admit to adoring Paris! Everything about Paris just seems so magical and enchanting! Personally I can not conjure up two things that could go more fabulously together then Paris and fashion! Thus, making Paris Fashion Week 2011 a positively delightful dream!

The video I have posted above I think covers Paris Fashion Week exceptionaly well! It is so great to see all the designers opinions and thoughts and the coverage is great! Even if you did not attend Fashion Week you can learn a lot about it from the video and you feel like you really were there! 

What did you think of Paris Fashion Week 2011? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts! 

                                              Photo from Paris F.W. 2011

Jan 15, 2011

Brittney Spears Hot or Not?


Britney Spears's new song 'Hold It Against Me' has just been released and is getting a lot of hype! Fans everywhere are flocking to itunes eager to download Brit's new tune best categorized by electro pop. It looks like Britney is back...

'Hold It Against Me' is much like Britney's other songs, there are cool beats great for dancing to and words that are easy to remember, perfect for singing along with when you hear the song. There is a lot of buzz around this new song and many say it will be a chart topper!

My opinion? The first time I heard it, I thought it sounded like every other Britney Spears song which is not a bad thing...just a repetitive thing! I think the more I hear it, the more it will grow on me, because I am guaranteed to hear it a lot (radio stations are all over this song) For now I am just excited that Brit is back because I think she is a great singer and I look forward to hearing more from her in 2011!

One things for sure people are really lovin' this song, but some argue that this new beat is only getting publicity because it is from Britney... Either way 'Hold It Against Me' is on radio's and ipod's everywhere. 

Whats your take on it...how do you like Britney Spears' newest hit single 'Hold It Against Me'? Listen to the song (video posted bellow) and then post a comment with your thoughts!

*As of January 19th reviews of Britneys new tune are misxed! Check out the comments for more and don't forget to post your thoughts too!

Jan 13, 2011

S W A T C H -- W A T C H

Colourfull things make people happy!

Watches are a fun accessory to an outfit....not to mention their usefulness!  Swatch watches are add a great deal of personality to outfits everywhere...
Not sure which colour is right for you....match your personality to the sweet vibes these fun wrist watches are sending off...

Orange: Jolly, happy, smiling! An orange watch is a warm pop of colour best suited for Summer and Fall.  A bright orange watch tells people you are cheerful and lively! Plus orange is a perfect accent colour to any outfit!

Yellow: Sunny, sun, sun! Yellow says "I am happy and excited" which is a great message to send to people around you! Yellow watches are fantastic for joyous people  who are eager to please and always surrounded by a crowd of people!

White: A white watch is a superb colour  for style chameleons! White has a modern and classic feel and can look trendy with absolutely everything! White watches tell everyone you are smart and sophisticated!

Pink: Girly, vibrant and always bubbling with pride! Pink is pretty and very fashionable! A pink watch is perfect for girls who like feminine things!

Black: Elegant and sophisticated! A black watch is mature and a good watch for girls who like simple and basic looks! Black can also be rockin' and hip. Black watches looks good with any style from serious to sporty to hip and trendy...... every style looks fab with black!

Navy Blue: This is a colour that is great with every outfit! Navy blue is perfect for people who are fun loving but have a serious side! Navy blue is regal and very good looking on people with soothing and gentle personalities!

Red: Bold, vibrant, look at me! A red watch is a daring pop of colour sure to get people's attention! Red watches are good for girls who are passionate and loving. Girls who are outgoing and friendly look great in red watches!

Ocean Blue: Tropical and fun! A blue watch is a great way to add a touch of the sea side glory to an outfit! This watch colour is so pretty and will bring seaside summer memories back during the winter chills!

Lime Green: Fun and electric,  a lime green watch is great for people with fizzy personalities! A green watch is perfect for people who like spending time in nature as well! Plus green says you care about the environment!

Purple: Purple is trendy and chic! A purple watch is great for high fashion lovers and girls with cheerful outlooks.  It is by far the colour for trend setters and fashionistas! Interestingly, purple is also very diverse and can go with every single thing you own!

What Swatch Watch is your favourite?

Jan 11, 2011

A Pop O' Poppy If You Please...

Coach Poppy Pattern

Coach Poppy is so youthful and fun....in fact it is the kind of pattern that just draws one right in! The pattern (shown above) has the appearance of a spectacular party, a party that everyone has fun at and is talked about days, months and years after....Long story short Coach Poppy is a fabulous fete that keeps the trends soaring high!

Bellow are some images of pieces from the Poppy collection....
Poppy Wallet

Poppy Purse...

Poppy Wristlette 

The Poppy collection from Coach has some must have pieces without a doubt! If you don't already have something from this sweet collection it is a HUGE miss to not! Poppy is fun, vibrant and playful and no accessory collection is perfect without it!

What is your take on the Poppy collection from Coach? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts.

Boy Beiber Fever

Boy Beiber Fever

                                           It is true...guys everywhere are imitating JB’s look...

What kind of guys use straightening irons, shine enhancing shampoos and hairdryers to get one simple hair 'do? Easy, male Beiber fans! Boys aren't admitting to liking this Canadian singer but they sure do love him...or at least his hair! Guys are flaunting the Beibier style everywhere...actions speak louder than words my friends!

There is no denying that Beiber copycats are popping up all over the place! So how much are guys willing to pay to get the Beib look? The New York Times reported that salons charge up to $150 for Beibs ‘do that includes overgrown bangs brushed across the forehead! Guys, who don't want to splurge, are doing it themselves. There are some sites dedicated to curly haired boys who want Justin's hair and even sites for guys on straightening, dying and blow-drying their hair to look like Justin Beiber!

The next thing you know these Beiber wannabe's will be painting their fingernails with Justin Beiber’s nail polish line, launching in January but that's another story...

Jan 4, 2011

Floral Sense

Everyone loves pretty things! Lets face it perfume can smell ten times as sweet when spritzed from a gorgeous bottle! When it comes to perfume sometimes the better the bottle the better the scent! Right now I'm loving Marc Jacobs Daisy & Lola perfume! Not only are the bottles fab with there over-the-top flowers and colours the aromas of both are amazing! Both floral in nature (no pun intended) these perfumes add a great touch to a perfume collection!

Although a daisy has little to no scent Marc Jacobs has encapsulated the beauty of this flower through the perfume! Daisy is sweet smelling and great for girls because of the feminine scent it creates!

Lola is a bolder scent and like its bottle has great flair! Peony, rose, vanilla are mixed to create a great perfume.

But......it gets better! You can now purchase jewelery from the Daisy and Lola collections with solid perfume inside! Bellow is a photo of a ring from the Lola collection that can be flipped up to reveal a solid version of the sweet scent!  

 Images-Google images