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Spring/ Summer 2012 Fashion Week in Paris is effortlessly amazing. From killer to paris-chic every style and trend was touched on! What will your Spring/ Summer 2012 wardrobe bring? 


Taylor Swift is known for her fairy-tale princess vibes and her new fragrance "Enchanted" she promises to carry forward that mood! The purple perfume bottle looks positively perfect and so does Taylor in the ad campaign! I'm looking forward to smelling this gorgeous fragrance!


What's Hot 

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! The latest fragrance in a flowery themed entourage of sweet scents from designer Marc Jacobs. Oh Lola is a twist on the classic Lola fragrance (and bottle).

Oh Lola is for flirtatious and charming girls. The fragrance contains top notes of pear and raspberry, midnotes of peony and magnolia and basenotes vanilla and tonka bean.

The ad campaign features Dakota Fanning (see right) posing behind a raspberry coloured pink background holding the beautiful bottle to her cheek and staring thoughtfully outward.

The bottle is beautiful and we love the floral stopper!


What's Hot:
Everyone is  raving about Lady GaGa. The Queen of weird is gracing the cover of every magazine around...or so it seems! Her most recent appearances have been on Vogue, Fashion and Rolling Stone. Take a peak...

Gaga is so hot right now it is not even funny. With all the attention GaGa gets for her unique style I have to ask...will we be seeing a GaGa line of clothing any time soon?

What's Hot 

Nenna Yvonne New hit singe: Go Around! Nenna is a 21 year old female pop artist who is taking the music industry by storm! her music is empowering for girls, awesome for dancing and very catchy. "Go Around" is her hip new tune and frankly Flaunt It is raving about it!

Check it out and watch the music video bellow:

What's Hot 

Hey Flaunt It fans do you know of a cool new product that you think should get featured on the site? I would love to hear from you. Post a comment with your name and idea and it could be featured in next months "what's hot"! I can't wait to hear your ideas. Thanks again to all of the readers who have submitted ideas...they are awesome!

What's Hot April 2011:
China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish
This cool new makeup collection is the amazing new nail polish that instantly crackles on your nails!

Girls are saying....
"It totally rocks!" -Georgia Coles
"I love the way it comes in so many pretty colours. It is the best." -Laya Crem
"I think it is great. The colours are beautiful and it works fast and effectively!"-Amelia Rebson

What's Hot 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
The Latest Fragrance...  
The Advertisement....

The Bottle....

The Total Collection

 The Notes...
Top notes include green notes, grapefruit, raspberry and a hint pear. In the heart there is a bit jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom. The base notes include musk, virginia cedar and plum.
Flaunt Its Opinion?
Love, love, love! Marc Jacobs is a master when it comes to gorgeous perfume bottles and delicate fragrances! Daisy Eau So Fresh is so gentle and perfect for Spring. The floral scent is so feminine and pretty and one of our fave 2011 new fragrances!

Whats Hot:
Avril Lavigne: What The Hell
 Avril is back with a hit song that gets you singing along in seconds! This fun pop/ rock beat is girly and fierce at the same time! 
Girls Reviews:
"This is song is so cathcy...the moment I heard it I was singing a long and rocking out!" -Caily Cerles

"Avril is BACK!!! This song gets stuck in my head and I love it!" Nat Potrer
"Wow...this is a great party song! I can dance to this, work out to this or even just chill to this! This beat is hot!" -Stacey Maley

What do you think of Avril's newest song? Listen bellow...


OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish

Flaunt It is loving Katy Perry's nail polish   collection exclusively from OPI!              
Katy has got some cool shades to get your nails looking great plus Black Shatter nail polish will leave your nails with a cool shattered effect that looks very Katy Perry! 

Whats Hot: 
Miracle Care 
2 in 1 lip gloss and lip-smoother
Lip Saver
From Sally Hansen

Flaunt Is loving Lip 
Saver because it...
  • Has super special ingredients such as Vitamin E and aloe.
  • Works quickly to moisturize lips by targeting dry areas.
  • There are Tons of cute colours to keep you smiling!
Lip Saver from Sally Hansen has all the benefits of a regular lip gloss plus more! The next time you need to keep your lips looking fresh and fancy all you need is Lip Saver. This unique lip gloss works to keep your pout super smooth. Whats better? This awesome gloss comes in a variety of fun colours, all simply smashing for the holidays! Hit Sally to order this product online today!
Let your lips shimmer and shine!


  1. What is new and hot? sounds cool.

  2. Wow! I bought that lipgloss as soon as that was posted, and it is awsome! I am also gave to six of my friends for christmas, and they also loved it! I'll be back soon!

  3. Hi Flaunt It,

    We really like your BLOG here Down Under, keep up the good work !

  4. Hey! I love that naiolpolish! And I love black shatter! SO cool!

  5. Wow. I love Katy and that polish is really cool too! I love black shatter! I love Katy and her new line... I hope she gets more colors!!!! Do you think the Sally Hansen Lip Saver is better, or Burt's Bees lip balm in the beauty section? I have both.. I think burts bees. Also I bought black shatter and Last Friday night Katy and OPI nail polishes and they look really cool. I think you should get them if you haven't and also get burts bees, and sally hansen... it looks good!

  6. Wow! Sounds like a great song. I love. I love Avril. i have that song on my iphone. It is so good. I love the words and tune!


  7. I love the Katy Perry Nailpolish, but that song is amazing! I am soo glad I heard it! I love it! It is great! I love the words, chorus, tune everything! I am buying it on itunes! It is great! Avril has a great song! She is great!

    Ashley Mckinnley

  8. HI Flaunt It,
    Cool, I like that song. Cool blog. I really like it.


  9. hi,
    cool blog. I like that song. I like ur blog.
    That song rocks! Really I love black shatter nailpolish, and I like sally hansen. But I love the nailpolishs.. the song rocks.

    Ulana Mortikia

  10. Hmm. that song is good.Love the nail polish, and that lip gloss it trendy! So, I love that song, but is it better then born this way by gaga? I think so! WHat do you think??? I think it is a great tune,... I love Avril!


  11. Good song, and cool lip gloss and nail polish. I have black shatter and it is so cool!

  12. I love Marc Jacob's new perfume! It is so nice! It smells great! Nice blog...

  13. Nice...I love Nenna's song :-)


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