May 30, 2011

Zoe Rachel Faux Fur

Rachel Zoe sporting her faux fur vest
Fur has always been a controversial aspect of the fashion industry and everyone has their opinions on fur's pros and cons but one aspect of fur fashion that everyone is unanimous on, is faux fur! It is better for the environment and of course better for animals.

Some of the luxe fur vests from the line
Designer Zoe Rachel feels faux fur should be something luxurious ad something that people want to buy so with this opinion in mind she started a line of faux fur clothing. The line features faux fur vests, coats, purses and outerwear accessories perfect for that touch trend to any outfit.

The line is catching on, even on the most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model the model's had a photo shoot featuring the fur! Here are some of the pics...

Here is Flaunt It's rundown of Zoe Rachel faux fur collection....

Best Part: It looks so chic! When you look at the photos you would never guess that it was faux fur.

Why You Should Buy It: Because you can! Unlike real fur clothing that is astronomically pricey this line of clothing is truly affordable! With faux fur vests starting at $88.00, it is amazing!

What are your thoughts on Zoe Rachel's collection? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts... 

May 28, 2011

Chanel Iman Style

Style File: Steal That Style
Chanel Iman

This Spring steal model Chanel Iman's snazzy style in just 3 simple ways...

Shady Lady: Chanel's style is instantly amped up with a classic pair of sun shades!

How To Steal It: Check out your fave accessories store and look out for sunglasses that compliment your skin tone and face shape. Generally is you have  round face go for a square lens and if your face is more square go for a rounder lens.

Hint: For Summer brown lenses are extra stylish!

Tee Time: Chanel knows you can always go glam with a graphic tee that says "bam!"

How To Steal It: Chanel's {above} outfit is totally rocker chic but, what really makes it is that awesome graphic tee. Check out some of your favourite shops for gorgeous graphic tee's and tank's that make an impact!

Hint: The bolder, the better! When it comes to statement graphic shirts go for something that expresses your personality. Chanel's tee screams rocker, pretty, punk!

Haute Hair: Fashion model, Chanel is a fan of the Greek styled jewel encrusted headband.

How To Steal It: Use one of your prettiest headbands and place it around your forehead for a look that is totally cool.

Hint: Check out fab headband designer Anastasia Chatzaka for some ultra-chic accessories pour-la-tete!

....And that's how to steal Chanel Iman's supermodel style! Do you have a fave fashionista? Would you like tips on how to get her style  posted about on Flaunt It? Post a comment bellow to make your request today.

May 24, 2011

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

Betsey Johnson...glitz, glam, fun! The Betsey Johnson fashion show for Spring 2011 was an utterly joyous event.....

Naturally everything 'Betsey' has a vibe of fun, youthful, life's-a-party which in fashion (especially, might I add, in Spring fashion) is what is wanted! The Betsey Johnson show for Spring was all that and oh so much more...

Runway Rundown...


The thing that I love about Betsey is her willingness to indulge in bold and cute colours. I think fashion-lovers have to agree that a Betsey show would NOT be complete without a glorious array of colours from purple to yellow to pink and orange! This designer has the whole rainbow covered.


When it came to cosmetics Betsey's models were looking fierce! All the models were wearing a green eyeshadow, light pink lipstick and a light blush. The hair was left loose but slightly curled and disheveled.

-Over all-

The over all show was amazing! The dresses were all gorgeous and the kinds of dresses your could really picture yourself wearing to a gala or prom. Numerous high-end designers this Spring were going for edgey, bold colours and Betsey was showcasing this brilliant trend as well!

A Taste of The Magic....

Bellow are some photographs of some of Flaunt Its personal favourite dresses from the Spring 2011 run way show. From funky to flirty and everything in between Betsey remains a Flaunt It fave when it comes to cutesy designs!

* The whimsey purple has a very "fairytopian" vibe. Plus the colour of the gown is beyond beautiful!
* The big poof is what grabs your attention...but this outfit would not be complete without that adorable strawberry fabric!
* The aqua colour of this gown is stunning....need I say more?
* This is prom queen with a capital "P". From the over-the-top poofy skirts to the sunset tones! Betsey knows how to make a girl look glam.

May 14, 2011


This totally hot new collection of designer fragrances from Viktor & Rolf is super special! Not only is this the first perfume by Viktor & Rolf it is also a luxurious 4 piece collection. Available at The Bay, Flowerbomb, ignites you with a whirl of floral mystery and gives you the key to open the door to a new and euphoric level of fragrant divinity. Described as "an explosion of flowery goodness" and "the dreamy scent of mysterious passion" by perfume collectors this collection is classy, pristine and oh so luxe...

May 10, 2011

#1 Spring Watch

 Our Latest Love....

Recently Flaunt It was out patrolling for the hottest Spring watch and guess what the best watch was? is a hint it does follow the trend that blue is hot this Spring.

 This watch is great for many reasons but one of the reasons it was chosen for #1 watch for Spring is the colour! The bold and fun colour sends off excited vibes and we all want to send off those vibes in the Spring season!

Another perk to this watch is it is made from silicon rubber as apposed to plastic. It is known that plastic watches have a tenancy of breaking. Silicon rubber is soft and smooth on your skin, it is light and durable too.

Probably one of the most attractive parts of this watch is the modern twist! The face has no numbers, instead there are lime green dashes where the numbers would have been. This look is totally cool and the perfect modern touch.

Other bonuses for this watch? It is waterproof, has a large face making it easy to read and it is totally affordable at around $80.00.

May 7, 2011

NYC Spring 2011 Hot Moments

New York is an amazing place and a totally true fashion capital! The best part about New York City? It is the trendiest city around and it has that knack to capture fashionistas everywhere!

Here is an amazing clip from about NYC Spring 2011 RTW stand out moments! It is truly amazing to see this compilation of comments and thoughts from people attending the shows. This video clip is informative and fun to watch!
So whats your opinion on New York City Spring 2011 and all the fabulous ready-to-wear run way shows that occurred there? Flaunt It loves hearing from a comment bellow.

The trendiest designs were favourites...

May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding: Mad Hatter

Brit's (and especially the Royals) love their hats! At Kate and William's Royal Wedding hats were one of the main attractions. Here are some of the ladies who were going all out for the wedding...

Any colour, shape or size will do and generally the more extravagant the better!

From the Queen herself to Camilla, Carole, Posh Beckham...  the list goes on. There were so many lovely ladies wearing beautiful hats at the royal affair...

From feathers to flowers and unique shapes it was all about making a statement  Since the wedding was in the Springtime, ladies decided to break out all the glorious colours of the rainbow in order to celebrate the Royal nuptials. 

The Royal's and their hats have been sparking trends all over the world and could even be responsible for influencing  Hollywood celebrities.

Here are just some examples...

Lady GaGa dazzles her fans in a huge glittering lobster hat. Extravagant? Yes! Eye catching? For sure! A bit crazy? 100%! But, hey, Lady GaGa is music royalty so I guess this regal hat inspiration works for her all the way.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Paris Hilton are also big fans of the hat phenomenon. SJP goes for a striking green topper complete with an acorn top, green rose, butterflies and grass sprigs looks like her inspiration is also a little mother nature? Paris sports a more bridal hat that is a beautiful white with lace and flowers. These 2 ladies love the regal topper trend.

Quirky and crazy Helena Bonham Carter is always wearing something extravagant. This miniature top hat complete with black netting and lace  screams royal inspiration! She played The Queen of Hearts in Disney's Alice in Wonderland, perhaps her Queenly character helped inspire this regal accessory! 

Just One Question Left....

Is Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge or the Queen of the Hat?  You be the judge....we love these toppers and are mad about the looks she rocks...from hip hop diva to Russian royalty.  This is a girls who gets the style spotlight award!