Apr 30, 2011

Kate Middleton: Second Dress

Kate Middleton stunned guests of the wedding a second time in a beautiful dress also designed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen at the dinner party hosted by Williams father after the royal wedding!

Kate looked absolutely perfect in this creamy white gown that skimmed the floor with her every step.  The sparkles on the belt added a glamorous touch and the fluffy shrug over top made the perfect accessory. This dress was traditional but with a modern touch and fit for the Duchess that she now is. Amazing style choice Kate, you looked brilliant!

Apr 29, 2011

Best Dressed @ The Royal Wedding

Kate proved that she knows fashion in her regal wedding gown but some of the guests looks pretty fabulous too! Here are Flaunt Its top 3 picks for best dressed at the royal wedding....

Her royal highness the Queen of England, Camilla and Carole Middleton all looked sensational! From the pretty pale colours of their outfits to the delicate details that made their looks stand out heres why these 3 leading ladies looked so impressive....

The Queen: Queen Elizabeth looked darling in her hummingbird yellow outfit. The warm sunny colour said that she approved of the marriage and she was very happy for the couple. For sure a sweet spring-y style!

Camilla: Camilla went for a beautiful outfit that said classy and fashionable! The delicate colours and patterns said that she was overcome with joy at the wedding and hopes that Kate and Wills we be happy together forever! This gorgous outfit lands Camilla on the list of best dressed.

Carole Middleton: The mother of the bride looked fantastic in her robin's egg blue outfit. The outfit said "I am so happy for my daughter and her husband. They are spectacular together and I am filled with joy". From the pretty colour to the 100% appropriate style Carole is one of the best dressed.

Unfortunately we couldn't look as swish as the Queen but some guests pulled major fashion no-no's!

I didn't know that Lady GaGa and Mrs. Bluebelle were invited to the royal wedding! Sorry Beatrice and Eugene these frocks are far from fancy. That blue blueberry dress looks horrid but the beige outfit was the real shocker! The hat is as topsy turvy as Alice in wonderland and the disheveled hair and heavy eye makeup has a GaGa feel. Ladies this is not up to par!

Check back all weekend for tons of posts on the royal wedding extravaganza!

The Royal Wedding

No matter who you are, where you live or what time it meant you had to tune in, the royal wedding brought the entire world together...

It was many weeks ago that the announcement of Kate Middleton's and Prince William's engagement was made and today the loving couple tied the knot at West Mister Abbey. The wedding was lovely with beautiful trees inside the Abbey for a touch of colour. Seeing everyone dressed their best was also thrilling (check back tomorrow for a post on best dressed at the wedding) and the truth is that however dashing Prince William may have looked all eyes were on Kate!

As rumored Kate wore a gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton! It is amazing that this was kept a secret but the fact that it did shows the fashion house's incredible respect for the now Duchess Katherine and the entire royal family. The gown was beautiful. Traditional, classic, breathtaking. The dress was perfect for Kate who looked comfortable and truly happy as she walked down the aisle.

The amazing thing about this wedding was it showed the Cinderella story. Kate being a commoner and marrying the future King of England is very exciting and thrilling to watch. Another great aspect of the wedding is that there were real people there, just as much in awe at the beauty and love as the rest of the world. It truly was an event that history will never forget.

Kate and William looked very happy together and it is totally clear that they plan a long and happy life together...

Check back all this weekend because it is Wedding Fever! There will be upcoming articles on best dressed at the wedding, more on Kate's dress and all the wedding articles you could dream of...

Apr 26, 2011

Real or Rumour

Beauty Real or Rumor…

You should not wear nail polish every day; you need to let your nails breathe.
Real or Rumour

This is 100% true! We all love nail polish because it glamorizes your nails but did you know it also has some risky aspects? Have you ever noticed your nails have a yellowish tinge after applying polish? This is the unfortunate result of nail polish’s harmful chemical ingredients. Nails are an extension of your skin and whatever you put on your nails travels into your body through your skin. Nail polish does have its dangerous affects so it is a very good idea to give your nails time to get air in between manicures. If you like wearing nail polish often wearing a base coat and using water based nail polishes are recommended. Remember nail polish is not the only way to make your hands look fabulous try buffing and filing your nails as well as shaping your cuticles for a healthy mani!

Straightening your hair, every day will make you bald.
Real or Rumour

Straightening your hair, everyday isn’t the healthiest thing you can do for your hair but it certainly will not make you bald! While you may find your hair becoming brittle and dry this is only because the heat is drying out your hairs nutrients to avoid this from happening try turning down the temperature on your straightening iron. Some girls have however experiences slight hair loss and thinning due to using a straightening iron and professionals suggest not to use a straightening iron all the time.

There are natural ways to plump your lips.
Real or Rumour

Have you ever dreamt of bee-stung lips but don’t have the guts for a surgical procedure or plumping serum? Here is your chance to get the lips of your dreams all by simply whistling! It is true, whistling for 5-10 minuets a day helps circulate the blood flow in your lips making them fuller. Pick out your favourite tune and whistle your way to plump lips.

Wearing mascara will make all of your eyelashes fall out immediately.
Real or Rumour

Mascara…long, thick, jet-black lashes with just one wave of that magical mascara wand but have you ever heard that wearing mascara will actually make your lashes fall out? The good news is that this is a tall tale; the bad news is that there is a catch! By not properly removing mascara at the end of the day, your once beautiful lashes will become fragile and frail and eventually break off. Don’t panic it is avoidable, just gently remove your eye makeup before bed using makeup a mild remover, don’t tug at your lashes and pat them dry when done!

Eating certain foods will change your eye colour.
Real or Rumour

This is definite rumour. The eye colour you are born with is the eye colour you are stuck with unless you want to undergo a surgical procedure or wear colour contacts. However depending on the lightening and the clothes you wear your eys can appear different colours. For example if you stand in a room with very bright lighting the warm tones in your eyes will be accentuated and girls with blue eyes will notice their eyes look aqua. As for clothing, warm colours will emphasize brown tones and cool colours will emphasize icy tones, blacks and whites will make your natural eye colour pop!

Apr 23, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16

 Oh la la...who is the hottest next top model?

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 was a hit! All the models were fierce and knew what modeling is all about...here were Flaunt Its top 3 faves...


Brit is edgy! From her killer hair cut to her chameleon modeling abilities one thing is for sure, Brittani proves to the judges she has true potential in the industry. She will be a huge hit...


Hannah is a really great model. Not only does she have an amazing look but she also works hard in the competition, does not cause drama and works it at all of the photo shoots! She will be popular.


Molly is a fierce model who knows about how to captivate the camera! She's had to over come life obstacles and is ready to prove to the fashion industry that she is the next BIG thing. What amazing things will Molly be up to in the future? We can't wait to see...

These 3 girls were all superb contestants...which was your fave?

True Blue

This Spring beautiful tones of blues are where it is at!

Chanel Spring 2011
Prada Spring 2011

LV Spring 2011
Tiffany Necklace

 Turquoise Rebel Swatch Watch

Blue is the true hit this Spring!

So you may be asking your self, why is blue such a big trend for Spring 2011? The answer to this question is easy, blue is a cool and refreshing colour and in the Spring warmth, a refreshing splash of blue is very appealing. Plus from powder blues, to  Caribbean blues, the range of tones and hues is huge when shopping blue!

If you are planning on investing in some blue clothing this season then there are a few things you should watch out for! This tips are huge so read carefully....

Firstly, if you are going to be laying down green for blue then you must be certain of one thing, is the shade of blue right for you? If your hair is blond or black, go for light powder blue, red heads and brunettes should opt for a tropical blue!

Secondly, you have to think to yourself, do I have blue clothing already at home? Am I shopping for blue accessories or blue shirts, dresses and pants? This is really important because if you are on the hunt for blue accessories you will be heading to different shops then if you are  looking for blue clothes.

Probably the most important thing about shopping blue is ensuring that the merchandise suits you! There is no point in buying something only to decide it isn't you...just because blue is a catchy trend this Spring, does not mean you should go for blue if it is not you!

Good luck on all of your blue shopping excursions...

Flaunt It

Fit For A Princess...

Swipe Kate Middleton's Fancy Princess Style!

Kate Middleton is the most talked about girl around! This bride to be has a super sweet and sophisticated style as well...here is how you can snap it up as easy as 1-2-3! The following are Miss. Middleton's top 3 essentials!

Fitted Blazer....
 Kate's posh and regal style would not be complete without a stunning fitted blazer! The pretty princess loves bold and versatile colours but her #1 way of wearing the blazer is with a swish belt! How fabulous is that?

Regal Re-usables....
 Kate knows that when something is chic it is totally worth working into multiple outfits! It is 100% clear that black heeled boots are a must for this Princess-to-be and Kate also knows that black boots can look stylish with any outfit!

Hat Attack...

The royals do love their hats and darling Kate proves that a chic showstopping topper is the only way to go! From flowery to feathery fun hats are big for Miss. Middleton but, hey they look amazing, right?

Dreaming of How to Steal The Bride-to-be's Fancy Look....
 Flaunt It chatted up stylist Cameron K. for all the tips...

Stylist Cameron. K suggests if you want to get the royal look this Spring then you need to remember that royal style is all about etiquette in fashion! If you want to dress to impress the highest ranks of society, several items are top of mind for Cameron if dressing like royalty is your true dream!
Flaunt It: "So Cameron if there was one accesory that you could sugest to readers for hot to get the regal style then what accesory would you recommend?"
Cameron: "I love accessories...hmm I think a necklace is forever trendy. A classy string of pearls is a huge plus when dressing regally! Not only are these mystic sea reassures elegant they are timeless too."

Flaunt It: "Now that we are talking accesories, it has to be asked: how do you pick the perfect hat?"

Cameron: "Royals have a thing for elegant hats and I am so with them on it! Personally, I think when picking a hat you really want it to be fun...a real perk of personality to your outfit. Kate goes for plumage and feathery bits on her hats and frankly, it looks great!"

Flaunt It: "Okay Cameron, what is your number one tip for Flaunt It readers who are dreaming of the posh, royal style?"

Cameron: "Kate's signature royal blue peacock dress is a true stunner! If you are craving to look like a royal maiden then you need a dress like that for sure!"

Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
So...in honor of Earth day Flaunt It decided to share some eco-friendly fashion tips! (whoever said you can't go green fashionista style?)

Eco-friendly fashion is about sustainable fashion. What does that mean? Well, using organic cottons, hemp and bamboo to make clothes is very good for the environment and much more beneficial to our mother earth than some other materials. There are a lot of designers that are starting up eco-friendly fashion lines which is awesome because it means that you will have a ton of choice when you shop Earth aware!

Here is a quick clip that highlights one of the hottest designers, Vivienne Westwood,  talking about eco friendly fashion on the runways...

 Here are some other simple and easy tips to make fashion greener...

1. Walk to the shops when you go shopping.

2. Buy clothes made locally.

3. Check out vintage and 2nd hand clothing stores...recycled clothes are totally chic!
 Share your eco-friendly fashion tips with Flaunt It by commenting!
Happy Earth day...

Apr 19, 2011

GirlsLife.com - Quiz

 Loved this quiz and wanted to share it with all of my readers...enjoy!

GirlsLife.com - Quiz

What’s the best perfume for your personality?

Get a fab new fragrance for spring. Not sure what to spritz on? Our quiz helps you sort through all the sweet scents to find the one that best suits y-o-u.
You’re psyched that your cousin is coming to town for a week. How do you prepare to make her feel totally at home?
You and your friend decide to hit the mall. You see an adorable cardi but it’s wayyy outta your price range. What do you do?
Your BFF announces she is throwing a party and asks you to help out. You…
Finals are right around the corner and school is getting sooo stressful. How do you deal?
Your grandmother sends you a check for your fab report card. What do you do with the green?
For you, fashion is…
How would you describe your room?
You know life’s good when…

Apr 17, 2011

Pastel Purse

Pink pastel purses are big this Spring! Flaunt It Scoured the fashion scene for our top 3 faves...
This pink pastel purse is from Coach and super cute for carrying around all your Spring essentials! Plus the light grapefruit colour rocks!      

 This adorable light pink/ nude clutch from Christian Dior is darling for all your evening events! Oh la la....so fab!

This diva-licious Juicy Couture purse is positively perfect for a day on the town with your friends this Spring! 100% amazing.

So this Spring keep your eyes out for a super cute pastel pink purse because they are the hottest trend of the moment! This Spring don't even think about your accessories collection being complete without a pink purse! Check out Flaunt Its faves Coach, Christian Dior and Juicy Couture for the prettiest pink purses around!

Apr 16, 2011

M•A•C Wonder Woman!

Mission: Lush, glossy lips that are totally hot
Who To Call: Mac Wonder Women
Comments: This newly launched lip collection is awesome! From the bold colours to the cute lip gloss bottle!


"I want cute lips that make a splash with virtually any outfit....who do I call? Mac Wonder Woman! She is the fairy god mother of fashion-er-beauty!" -Sandy Kamerman

"My lips can never look cute in photos and it brings my whole look down. When I bought Mac Wonder Woman all of my troubles flew out the door....my lips are a dream now." -Dianna Lemens

"Mac has always amazed me and as a makeup-loving teen I always have my eye out for the hottest new cosmetics...guess what Mac Wonder Woman is the best lip gloss I've had since Juicy Tubes! Buy this lip gloss ladies!!!" -Tanya Brier

 It Doesn't Just Stop At Lip Gloss...

There is a whole collection of Mac Wonder Woman products! Now fighting of bad beauty days is as easy as 1-2-3...Mac Wonder Woman!

Share your thoughts on Mac Wonder Woman bellow....we would love to hear your comments!

Apr 11, 2011

1 Beauty Look To Love

Amanda Seyfried's natural makeup look is BIG this Spring!

Amanda Seyfried is one of Hollywood's prettiest celebs but the main reason for that is her knack for pulling off the natural look hen it comes to makeup and hair! This Spring, stylist are taking inspiration form Amanda's signature natural style. To get A's look this Spring just follow these easy steps....

#1. Start by tousling your locks and occasionally spritzing with water to add some definition to your hair. This gives your hair a relaxed look!

#2. Go for a nude/ blush coloured lipstick and apply it thinly. This adds some colour to your lips with out being too "in-your-face".

#3. The natural makeup look makes your eyes pop! Go for a light gray eyeshadow and dust sparingly around your eyes. Gray is great because it will accentuate your eyes.

#4. Take a bit of blush and apply it gently to your cheeks-this adds a whimsical twist to the look!

#4. Rock this look with confidence! The biggest part of beauty is your inner beauty....let it shine through!

Apr 6, 2011

Perfume Personality

It is a known fact that girls decide on what perfume to where based on their personality and interests! Among your buddies are you the rock star or the prettiest princes? Read further to learn what perfumes work best with your personality!

The Girly Girl:
Your soft, sweet and feminine! You love ribbons and bows and pink too. All your friends see you as the girl they can always count on and the best friend they know and love! The best perfumes for your unique personality are: Miss Dior Cherie, Vera Wang Princess and Coco Mademoiselle Chanel! All of these fresh and fun fragrances are perfect for the caring and compassionate girl that you are!

The Rebel Rock Star:
When everyone goes right you veer left (most likely in a pair of killer boots too) You're the rebellious rocker of your crew! You don't want to fit in, you want to be loud, get noticed above all you want attention for your rebel behavior! Your perfect perfumes for your personality are Rock Princess by Vera Wang, Get Loud by Tommy Hilfiger and Rock n' Rose Couture perfume by Valentino! These fragrances all say "hey I've got it and I am ready to flaunt it" get out there and strut to the beat of your inner rock star!

The Sporty Miss:
Whatever sport you play you play hard and to the max! Your athletic skills are totally in tune and all of your friends come to you for fitness tips and tricks. All the sports you love, and working-out is a daily regime! Your perfect perfumes are Addidas Fruity Rhythm, Touch Of Pink from Lacoste and lastly  Create by Puma! All of these fresh and fun fragrances are perfect because they are great for being active in!

So what is your perfect perfume for your personality and what perfumes do you use based on your personality! Flaunt It would love to know so please post a comment bellow to share your thoughts!