September 2011

The all-new Neutrogena WAVE Sonic is the  coolest way to wash your face! The gentle spining sensation cleans up to 50% more and what girl does not love that? 

With 2 unique speeds to play with: gentle cleanse and deep cleanse....awesome! Girls with sensitive skin should use the gentle speed and girls with combination- ily skin should use the deep cleanse speed!

The new Neutrogena WAVE Sonic is available at Walmart for $14.97! Click here to buy it online right now. If you want more information on this product check out It is awesome so buy it today.

Neutrogena's all-new WAVE Sonic is a must buy for September. It will get your skin perfect for back-to-school time and have your face glowing al month long!

August 2011

The Bath and Body Works shop is known for their lovely collections of fragrances and lotions. In their collection "Butterfly Flower" This collection features perfume, a body spray, hand lotion and shower gel. If you are a girl who loves girly things then this collection is definitely perfect for Y-O-U! 

July 2011

"Last Friday Night" singer Katy Perry has got the chops to rock the entire world and the cute style to go along with it and now she also has the perfect fragrance to top it all off! It is true Katy the lady has released a feline themed fragrance for women called Purr. Katy plays kitty in the ad campaign and everyone is raving that the scent is positively purrrr-fect! Meeeeow!

June 2011
Since we all know diamonds are a girl's best friend what could be better than glitter glam shoes? Swarovski has produced a line of gorgeous heels made from stunning sparkle rocks.

This amazing collection of shoes has you covered no matter your checklist! They are dramatic and high fashion plus the glittery shoes practically glow. Weather you want stilettos or booties Swarovski has you covered.

May 2011

Free Photo Editor

Want to have the diva beauty look?

It is all in the lips! This month flaunt it with bold glittery lip gloss! Girls everywhere are agreeing that if you want a princess pout you need a sparkle gloss...

Flaunt It Says...

"You want to talk the talk and walk the walk? Fine. Just make sure you have a super cute tube of glittery lip gloss to match that diva 'tude of yours baby."

April 2011

Biore has so many amazing products but Biore's Pore Cleaner is by far one of the best! Biore's Pore Cleansing Strips are affordable and work hastily. Check out or click here for more details about this awesome product. 

Have you tried Biore Pore Cleansing Strips? Leave a comment bellow to share your experience...
March 2011

The Next Rihanna?

Willow Smith is only 10 but she knows that fashion and beauty trends are changing every second! This cute 10 year old is always switching up her 'do kinda like Rihanna!
Like Willow, Rihanna knows that hair styles always have to be fresh and funky! From long wavy locks to fire engine red curls Rihanna is a hair style master and so is  little Willow! With her hit song "Whip My Hair" and sweet asymmetrical bob Willow looks like a Rihanna in the making!
February 2011
The Bath & Body Works Shop has an amazing selection of lotions and soaps but did you know it also had an amazing selection of lip gloss? Yes, it is very true the B&B Shop has a fab selection of "Original" lip gloss's. They add that super cute shimmery shine to your lips and leave your pout feeling minty and fresh! The look is totally sweet!
January 2011

Question: What natural beauty product is hot right now?

Answer: Right now Burt's Bees is big! 

Girls love B.B. because it is all natural and there is tons of variety in price and product! Burt's Bees has something for everyone! There is everything from lip balm to lip gloss, facial toners, cleansers and moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and more! Burt's Bees believes in human and animal rights making this brand appealing for more than just its great products!  No matter your budget a Burt's Bees must have is lip balm! For only $4.49 this bees wax lip balm is amazing and [aside from diamonds]...a girls newest best friend!

Question: Without using eye liner, eye shadow and mascara can one still have gorgeous long and thick lashes?

Answer: Yes! Luxe lashes aren't just reserved for girls who are ready to spend a lot of time and money on makeup, in fact there are tons of ways to get the diva lash look for less...

Did you know that  natural ways to get longer eyelashes really work better than some mascaras? It is true! Natural lubricants such as Vitamin E oil, olive oil and Vaseline stimulate hair follicles and get  lashes looking smooth! Apply any of the above 2-4 times a week with a clean mascara wand or Q-tip! Be gentle, your lashes are delicate and you don't want them to snap! In addition don't apply more than once a day...your don't want to block tear ducts! Remember that naturally longer lashes don't happen over night be patient! With in a few days you will have visibly bolder, thicker and even longer lashes!


  1. I love Original lip gloss and burt bees! cool blog!

  2. Sounds cool! I am going to buy those. It sounds very nice! Cool stuff, Flaunt IT! OH, AND I HAVE BURTS BEE'S SHAMPOO, IT IS GREAT! I BET THEIR LIP GLOSS OR LIP BALM IS TOO! plus, i know bath and body works shop, and i will go there and buy the original brand lip gloss... oh, I love mascara sounds like a plan if i can do it with natural stuff! Great ideas! Love your blog, it is so cool, and it has such amazing ideas for beauty, fashion, makeup, fun, and more! Keep up the great work Flaunt it...
    Love from India,

  3. Great ideas, Ilove your blog. I love this beauty section, it is so cool and gives great ideas!


  4. You're right! Willow looks like Rihanna!Great article!

  5. IF you want amazing looking lashes without the damage caused by washing off mascara, or the clogged folicle/tear duct caused by oils and petrolium jelly (Vaseline) GET LASH EXTENSIONS!
    Lash extensions promote lash growth because you dont ever apply mascara to your lash base, clog pores or rub away your lashes trying to remove the under eye smudge from the night before!
    Longer, fuller, darker lashes that wont melt in the summer or freeze in the winter. 100% water proof and smudge resistant lashes!!!
    I cant live without them.
    I go to The Permanent Cosmetics Centre in Toronto

  6. whats your deepest secret?

  7. wow ! i want to use that face scrubbie!


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