Mar 31, 2011

Steal That Style: Tom Ford Spring 2011

Want To Get The Tom Ford Look This Spring? Here's 3 BIG tips to follow...

#1 Royal Blue...
Get the Spring 2011 Tom Ford look by wearing dark jewel tones especially royal blue! Not only is this colour very sophisticated it also is very high fashion!

#2 The White Suit...
When it comes to Spring there is nothing like ringing in the new season with some clean, classic white! Not only is it ever-versatile but the fresh colour of white represents purity...perfect for Spring!

#3 Chic Prints...
Tom Ford knows that when it comes to fabric funky prints are always fashionable! So why not take a little risk this Spring and wear some daring patterns!

Mar 28, 2011

Katy Perry Fashion...

Katy Perry isn't just famous for her totally catchy chart topping tunes she's  got style too, a style all her own... 

Katy Perry can  always be caught wearing something cute. From high waist lines, to hot pink, to big polka dots! For this pop diva fashion is big so how do you get this darlings sassy style? Easy....just follow Flaunt Its tips!

Go for bold neons and bright bubbly colours! Katy Perry is known for her vibrant array of fun colours...this chick knows that if you want to be in the spotlight you have to dress the part! Keep your eyes out for hot pinks, electric greens, highlighter yellows, bubblegum blue, purples that say "pow" and colours that are over-all eye catching! 

Don't waste your waist line...for Queen Katy P the waist is to accentuated in every way! Use a belt get your waist line noticed!

Go for patterns! Whenever Katy is picking an outfit she goes for big patterns....from polka dots to cute stripes pop star Perry is all about the big, the bold and the beautiful!

Want some inspiration for dressing like Katy? Flashback to Archie Comics vintage...Betty and Veronica are all about mini waists, polka dots and big bows....sound like anyone?

Actually Veronica Lodge seems to shine through a lot in Katy Perry's image. Veronica Lodge is the pretty, flirty, girly, cutesy, sassy fashionista who is always wearing something with a high waist line and low hem. Not to mention that innocent pout Ronnie tends to sport! If you ask moi Katy Perry takes a lot of inspiration from Veronica Lodge!

Veronica and Katy are so alike....they even look alike with their pretty black locks, pale skin and blue eyes...they could totally be twins!

Mar 24, 2011

How To Rock Ballet Flats

Spring is one of the best seasons of the whole, sunshine, fashion! Get your Spring wardrobe looking 100% with this Spring's  hottest shoe trend-the classic ballet flat! Whats the best way to wear the ballet flat? Lets take inspiration from our top 3 fave celebs who know how to rock the ballet flats like no other-Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez!

When it comes to ballet flats Lauren Conrad knows that the cuter the better! L.C. opts for classic black flats which act as a perfect base to her spring like ensemble complete with a cute belt, orange skirt, black shirt, camel coloured bag and shades. To get Lauren's ballet flat style go for an outfit that is fun and eye catching by belting a bold coloured skirt and toning the outfit down with a pair of beautiful black ballerina flats!

For country pop princess Taylor Swift ballet flats are perfect when worn with a flowy floral print dress! Taylor definitely has a very girly and flirtatious style so it is no surprise that her silver ballet flats send off a feminine vibe! If you want to get your Spring shoe style inspiration from Taylor Swift then look out for a cute pair of silver ballet flats that will look hot with your Spring dresses!

Selena Gomez may seem like the girl next door but she knows how to wear ballet flats! Selena Gomez was spotted rocking ballet flats with her boyfriend Justin Beiber! Looks like for Selena G ballet flats a flirty shoe that look super hot with a casual outfit! Jeans and a flowy cream coloured sleeveless sweater look awesome on Selena and the light gold ballet flats bring the whole look together! Want Selena's look? Pick a casual Spring outfit and get it glamed up with some ballet flats!

So this Spring take your ballet flat style inspiration from glam celeb Lauren Conrad who uses ballet flats to make an outfit fun and bold, sweetheart singer Taylor Swift who amps up her outfits cute factor with flirty flats or JB's girl Selena Gomez who uses ballet flats for a casual Spring day look! Get your Spring style meter on high because ballet flats are this Spring's hottest shoe!

Mar 22, 2011

Get The Gucci Look...

 Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director brought a chic combination or fur, feathers and fashion to Gucci's Fall/ Winter 2011 runway show. Get the Gucci look by using some of Flaunt Its fab tips!

For the Fall and Winter season get your dark lips on! From black cherry to dark ruby red the dark lip look is ruling the scene! Gucci's beauty stylist gave all the models in the show maroon lip colour and the result was stunning!

When the weather starts to get cooler pump up the heat with some bright and bold colours! From blue, green, red and yellow Frida put shots of colour into every colour making each garment eye catching and trendy! Get this look for next Fall and Winter by picking a bold colour and working it into your every day look!

Lastly to get Gucci's look you need to find a piece of clothing that is extravagant! Look out for a sweater or shirt that has some unique detailing that accentuates your style. Keep your eyes out for feathers, beading and furry stoles to keep your look hot when the temp goes down!

Mar 15, 2011

Animal Kingdom!

As seen on the Louis Vuitton s/s 2011 runway show animal prints and pictures are big! How do you get the look?

It is clear from the runway shows that this spring animal will be everywhere! Louis Vuitton in particular had some super stunning and stylish animal prints and patterns! Check out H&M for some super cheap and chic ways to full-fill all of your animal needs this Spring!

-This leopard print skirt is totally cute and will have you looking 100% high fashion! 
-The camel coloured shirt is perfect for Spring!
-Sunglasses are such a cute touch to an outfit!
-The brown scarf is a fabulous accessory!
-The green purse adds a fun splash of colour to the outfit!
-Bracelets are awesome!

Mar 11, 2011

Model Talk Part 1

Whitney Thompson-ANTM's 1st plus-sized model winner (cycle
Models and fashion two words that go together hand in hand-with controversy! Some fashion guru's such as Karl Lagerfeld support the waif-like models. He says that fashion is about "dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women." That being said plus-sized model Whitney Thompson took America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 by storm and subsequently won the game-and the title of ANTM's first plus-sized model. It is and forever will be one of the most controversial questions of the fashion industry, models: whisper thin or bigger, better? The truth is that there is no real answer but one thing is true models are a huge part of the fashion industry and are a major contributer to the glory of the business. Here is part 1 of model talk...


With her big doe eyes, batty black lashes, cute blond pixie cut and waif-like body Twiggy makes for quite a supermodel. Twiggy was born in North London in 1949 and by age 16 Twiggy was known world-wide. Twiggy graced magazine covers and was named "the face of 1966" but what is the true attraction to this near skeletal schoolgirl? I think that the innocence that Twiggy portrays through her photos is the real appeal. From her Bambi eyes to her cast of gazes, Twiggy has an Alice in Wonderland feel. Her childlike innocence and vulnerable photography is a mixture of totally mod and Wonderland's sweetheart-Alice.

Jean Shrimpton 
Jean Shrimpton is a British born model who first began modeling in 1960, she was a student at Lucie Clayton's modeling school until age 17. Jean acquired many titles including "The face of the moment"and "The it girl" but, in June 1963 -just 3 years after she had started modeling- Glamour named her "Model of the year". Jean Shrimpton was the diva of her time and a trend setter too! Jean started the mini skirt trend in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia. She was there attending the Victoria Derby wearing a stunning white dress by designer Colin Rolfe that was a shocking 10cm above her knees! Jean is well known for her stunning beauty and glamorous, sophisticated modeling. With her subtle bouffant, dark arching eye brows and bee stung lips Jean has a girlish famine way about her best captured through the words glamour, sophistication and grace.

Dorian Leigh 
Dorian Leigh was born in 1917 in Texas but did not began her modeling career until 1944. Dorian was a petite model and her height was only 5.5', she often found herself far smaller then other models. Dorian was an unsuspected supermodel because of her age (which was 27 when she began) and height but, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, a fashion photographer saw something unique in Dorian feeling similarly was Diana Vreeland, the editor of Harper's Bazaar and the woman that introduced the two. The very next day after the threesome met, Dorian had her first assignment-she would be on the cover of Harper's Bazzar! From there Dorian's career skyrocketed and she was a cover girl for various magazines including Vogue, Elle, Life and more! Dorian is arguably the original supermodel from her high fashion photo shoots in luxurious gowns to her cover girl experiences.


Mar 7, 2011

American Idol's Fashionista

American Idol's newest judge, Jennifer Lopez is heating up the screen-but not just with her talented judging skills-JLO's got some style too! 

From bold colours to neutrals pared back with sassy animal print booties Jennifer proves she knows how to dress like a super star! The actress/ singer sensation tells all the contestants "it is about the total package" in other words? Jenny from the block wants the idols to put effort not just into their singing but also in their appearance. Jennifer is certainly taking her own advice because every show it is always exciting to see what kind of outfit the female judge will put on!

Lopez's fashion forward outlook has not gone unnoticed! Rummor has it that she and her husband Marc have signed a deal with  American Department store KHOLS! Apparently the collaboration is going to be a big hit and JLO, Marc and KOHLS will be meeting soon to discus further on the fashion frontier! 

Jennifer isn't stopping at that though, with her popular new tune "On The Floor" scoring #2 most downloaded on itunes this 41 year old mogul proves that fashion and music go hand in hand. JLO's only competition when it comes to fashion is her free-spirited co-judge Steven Tyler who has some pretty unique outfits too...

Mar 3, 2011

Pandora's Box...

~*~*~~*~Pandora’s Box~*~*~*~*~

Pandora Jewelry first began in 1982 in Denmark. Although Pandora manufactures everything from watches to earrings, necklaces and bracelets they are best known for re-working the classic charm bracelet. Pandora offers various cords made from everything from leather to karat gold allowing charms to be rearranged in different ways. With more than 800 charms Pandora offers the opportunity for women and girls to feel creative with their jewelry choices because of how personal these pieces can truly become. Charms range in price due to the material they are made of, charms can be purchased in sterling silver, 14 karat gold, murano glass and can be “glamed up” with semi-precious, precious stones and unique designs.
Pandora has become a popular piece of jewelry with girls everywhere and large portions of girls wear Pandora charm bracelets. The appeal is how personalized they become; you can mark special points of your life with new charms giving your bracelet a meaning. As for me? My Pandora charm bracelet is a fun addition to my jewelry box, I love the variety Pandora has to offer and I think it is neat the way you can mix your charms around! Pandora is big this spring!