Jan 13, 2012

Mod-Chic Outfit Idea Of The Day

Any fashionista knows that a variety of outfit ideas is the only way to go, but have you ever tried looking mod-chic? Mod-chic is the uniquely new stylish way of dressing and in todays 'outfit idea of the day' post we will be sharing the must-have pieces you need if you want to steal the fab look....

#1- Retro T-shirt: It adds a funky and flirty vibe to the look.
#2- Military shorts: They add that edgy touch we love.
#3-Black leggings: A girl's must have item....enough said.
#4-High heel fur boots: Chic, fun, trendy, boots make an outfit extra fab.
#5-Big gold bangle: A gold bangle spices up the outfit.
#6-Orange bag: Add a dose of creative colour.
#7-Glam bib-necklace: Be bold & beautiful with this accessory.

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Jan 11, 2012

Edgy Outfit Idea of The Day

Want to look hip and edgy? Take a look at Flaunt It's edgy outfit idea of the day! Wear shorts of leather leggings with a pretty sequined sweater. Make  statement in leopard wedge booties and finish the look with fabulous accessories! What are we suggesting? How about a trendy military cap, girly bright red bow and eclectically elegant charm bracelet. Someone looks like a supermodel...

Flaunt It

Jan 9, 2012

Get The Look: Chloe Moretz

Fashion’s newest it girl is Chloe Moretz. Her unexpected outfits are
always c’est chic and her girly-classic meets edgy look is totally cute.
With the obvious attention this young starlet is scoring, it makes
sense to want to emulate her presh look. Well, chicks…now ya can!
Day, evening and weekend, GL is dolling out Chloe Moretz inspired
outfit ideas that easier that 1-2-3!

Day Look
During the day Chloe is all about cute meets classy pieces. Not
to mention we’ve so noticed Chloe’s 6-sense when it comes to
style…she is fearless with accessories! If you wanna nab Chloe’s look
daytime edition a few cool tricks will do the trick, fine!

Shoes- $50 - aldoshoes.com

Ring- $15 - dorothyperkins.com

Watch- $18 - nordstrom.com

Pants- $35 (On Sale!) - dorothyperkins.com

Sweater- $29.95 H&M.com

Evening Look
Chloe’s unmistakably elegant look is perf’ for an evening out.
Channel Chloe Moretz’s lady-like style with a stunning fitted dress
and classic accessories. This kind of outfit is absolutely perfect for the
chic and stylish girl, so get ready to look gorgeous in this get-up!

Feather Clutch- $57.00 missselfridge.com

Necklace- $2.70 .wholesale.com

Dress- $57 - dorothyperkins.com

Shoes- $50 - modcloth.com

Ring- $55 - betseyjohnson.com

Weekend Look
In one word, Chloe Moretz’s style is “cute” on the weekend. This girl
likes to feel cozy and comfy without sacrificing style….which we so
heart! Pretty T’s, snug leg warmers, Chloe has it all figured out! We’ve
rounded up the 8 must-have pieces you will be needing is you want
Chloe totally sweet weekend style.

Bangles- $7.50 - jcpenney.com

Clutch- $36 - asos.com

Scrunchie- $6 - americanapparel.net

Leggings- $8.99 - kohls.com

Skirt- $5.95 H&M.com

T-shirt- $16 - zumiez.com

Shoes- $45 - zappos.com

Legwarmers- $14 - nordstrom.com