Jan 13, 2012

Mod-Chic Outfit Idea Of The Day

Any fashionista knows that a variety of outfit ideas is the only way to go, but have you ever tried looking mod-chic? Mod-chic is the uniquely new stylish way of dressing and in todays 'outfit idea of the day' post we will be sharing the must-have pieces you need if you want to steal the fab look....

#1- Retro T-shirt: It adds a funky and flirty vibe to the look.
#2- Military shorts: They add that edgy touch we love.
#3-Black leggings: A girl's must have item....enough said.
#4-High heel fur boots: Chic, fun, trendy, boots make an outfit extra fab.
#5-Big gold bangle: A gold bangle spices up the outfit.
#6-Orange bag: Add a dose of creative colour.
#7-Glam bib-necklace: Be bold & beautiful with this accessory.

Love the outfit idea of the day? Blog about it babes!


  1. Great post....personally I LOOOOVE this outfit look :)

  2. love that bag and the top :]

    your blog is so great,
    we miss hearing from you!

    come visit us again soon :]
    xo, camilla & valerie

  3. I LOVE Mod so much!I've always wished I could pull it off, but I don't exactly have the same type of frame as Twiggy.. hah Love the whole outfit idea though!


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