Dec 15, 2010

There Are Those With Opinions....

For years fur has been one of the most controversial parts of the fashion industry. In fact, it wasn't long ago that anyone who wore fur was seen as inhumane. The "I'd rather go nude then wear fur" campaign from PETA was the root of this observation. The campaign featured fashion icons such as Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson  to name a few, naked in an advertisement for animal rights. People would do anything to protect animals, but now a days fur is creeping back into society. Fur trimmed mittens, coats hats and in particular mukluks are everywhere, including our school...

I surveyed my friends asking their opinions on fur trimmed clothing....while "offensive" and "mean" were commonly used words others look at fur as "a fashion statement" or "a trendy touch". Words are words, the real way to tell if people are pro or anti fur, is whether they are wearing it or not....

What's your opinions on fur?

Dec 1, 2010

Hot Hostess Gifts

 Hot Hostess Gifts

Get your gift giving game on and splurge for your best friends! Hostess gifts for your bff’s are a great way to show you care! From simple to a bit more extravagant, here are some fun ideas to say thank you to that pal throwing a holiday party!

Keep it simple and make a CD of their favourite tunes! Be creative by giving your CD a theme! Or try something even more personal with an electronic scrap book! Your friends will love the memories you are bringing back through the photo montage!

Every teen girl loves nail polish, plus it makes a great gift! Nail polish is amazing for its in inexpensive price and exciting range of colours! The next time you’re invited to a holiday bash, pick up three of the hostess’s fave nail polish colours and put them in a small clear bag with fun wintry tissue paper.

We all love winter woolies and they don’t break the bank! Toques with fuzzy pom pom’s, cozy fur trimmed gloves and long knitted scarves! Woolens are the perfect way to say thank you to that hostess and make a fun addition to their winter wardrobe!

For that extra special them you really care with personalized m&’s! These sweet treats are great because you can make them really mean something special with photos and phrases! Everyone loves m&ms..especially when they are custom-made!

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Nov 26, 2010

Advent Holiday Glam!

   Advent Holiday Glam!

Get hip for the holidays starting with nails! Nail polish is a super fun way to add glamor to any outfit! Start getting in spirit for this cheery season with pretty shades of polish's! Alternate colours, experiment with patterns and even add tiny gemstones to make your nails sparkle in shine!

Tip 1# : Wash your hands and nails before you begin for and even look
Tip #2: Rub the bottle quickly between your hands instead of shaking it. This will warm the liquid and prevent chipping and bubbling.
Tip #3: Go slowly and don't rush for an all around even look.

Post a comment bellow to share your nail polish tips and tricks!

Nov 20, 2010

The Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Poll Month! All of you had really interesting ideas and opinions!
The Results Are Bellow...
Have You Ever Wished 4 Fame? 17% of girls said yes, 33% of girls said no, 33% of girls said they had in the past but don't any more and 17% of girls said they sometimes wish for fame!
Is It Too Important 4 Girls 2 Be Perfect? 33% of girls said yes, 27% of girls said depends, 20% of girls said sometimes and 20% of girls said no it is not too important for girls to be perfect!
Do You Fight Peer Pressure @ School?  25% of girls said yes, 25% of girls said no, 25% of girls said sometimes and 25% of girls said they didn't know if they fought peer pressure at school!
Does Your Personality Reflect Your Appearance? 50% of girls said no and 50% of girls said it depends....0% of girls said yes!

These results are amazing, it is very great to hear what everyone thinks!

Nov 3, 2010

It's Poll Month!

Poll Month Is Here!
*It is November, and Flaunt It wants to know what girls are* *thinking!*

Are you a girl who loves hearing what other girls are thinking, or have to say? Do you crave sharing your opinion with the world-or-do you just love answering polls? If any of the above sound like you then you will definitely be crazy for Poll Month!

Poll month happens all through the month of November! It is easy and exciting to participate in Poll Month. Basically Poll Month is a 1 month special edition celebration taking place on Flaunt It! Girls participating in Poll Month simply answer polls, share opinions and thoughts and get ideas heard! Then, in the last week of November we launch the poll results! Every week a few new polls will be posted on the site. Just answer and you are eligible to have your thoughts published on Flaunt It! Have fun during Poll Month!

|:>-<{Our Polls}>-<:|

*Check back daily to see what new polls are available to participate in!

Oct 15, 2010

Girls Like You....

Girls Like You...
Meet 2 incredible girls who know helping others is what is best!

All over the world there are thousands of girls doing thousands of good deeds, just like you. It does not take a lot of effort to donate some time to your community and make a difference. Two girls who live by that prerogative are Violet. C and Mackenzie. O. The two know what making a difference really means and they do everything in their power to do so…

Violet C.
Shelter Helper

Violet C. a 13-year-old girl decided it was time to get up and make a difference. Violet wrote to us from Toronto saying she hated seeing homeless people in her streets. “I feel badly for them. When I go shopping with my friends I bring a lot of money and may buy something silly or worthless that I don’t even need, while they are begging for just a meal” She continued to say that about 2 weeks after that thought hit her she did some research. “I learned that there are organizations that help these poor people and my mom took me to one so I could.”

Now it is two years latter and Violet has helped to get over 100 homeless people indoors and with food. Violet feels good about what she is doing because she knows she is making a difference. Violet told us that you are never too old or too young to do the right thing. Violet C. is taking action in her community and hopes more kids like her can start doing the right thing. 

Mackenzie O.
Elder Buddy

Mackenzie O. of Saskatchewan has always been interested in donating time to others. “Even at a young age I wanted to help out” Now at age 10 Mackenzie works weekly at an elders home “I don’t have any family there but, a while ago when I went to visit my friends granny I learned that a lot of the elders don’t get many visits” I felt so bad I knew I had to do something. She inquired about helping out at the home and the owner quickly agreed.

Elder Buddy is a program that Mackenzie started herself after a few months of working at the home. She explained to us how the program worked “Kids, teens and adults sign up to participate in the program.” They become a caretaker for a few hours each month of their selected buddy. It is the responsibility of the caretaker to take out their buddy on excursion day. The excursion could be a walk or a theater show. It just need’s to be something they can enjoy.  Mackenzie says the elder’s love it and so do we.

I hope Violet and Mackenzie’s stories have inspired you to get up and start making a difference. Remember it does not take much to make a difference so get out in your community today and start changing the world!

Aug 31, 2010

Flaunt It School Rules

Flaunt it: At School

A new school year is just around the corner and whether you’re off to a new one or back to the old one we have 2 HUGE rules for you to remember…

Rule #1 Go Brave
Make the 1st few months at school really count. Reach out to friends both old and new. Don’t be shy when you see someone new. Flash a smile. Actions speak louder than words…… so little deeds that catch the person’s eye will let them know you’re a friendly person!

Flaunt It Tip: 
[If you see a new student walking through the halls, try to strike up a conversation with them. Compliments are a great conversation-starter!]

Rule #2: Bring It

Teams, clubs, committees, organizations…. your school is filled with them. So, seize the opportunity and go for it!
The next time you have the chance to get involved, don’t hang back…. You will meet new people and learn skills like: discipline, time management and motivation. Best of all, you will have fun!

Flaunt it Tip:
[Don’t let your nerves get in the way!]

So, this school year get out there! Every one is a little nervous at the start of the school year, and every one loves a person who is brave enough to walk up to them and say "hi". This year be that person! Be your best you yet! Make this school year your very best! Just remember, to have fun...and of course to flaunt it!

Aug 19, 2010

Welcome To Flaunt It

Flaunt online magazine for girls!

Flaunt It, the highly anticipated online magazine for girls has finally arrived! With everything from fashion and beauty advice to tips on how to deal with all the back to school drama- Flaunt It has you covered. 

Flaunt It also has a variety of interactive futures. So if there is something you want to say or ask give us a shout by answering our Flaunt It Asks U questionnaire located under the Quizzes & Polls heading. If you are struggling with a personal question send it to us via the Help & Advice section. You can keep things 100% anonymous because you might get your question published on our site!

Flaunt It is filled with every little thing you want to read! Updated bi-monthly Flaunt It always has hip and up to the minute coverage on all things girl! So get started now...go discover the world of Flaunt It today!

Jul 31, 2010

Flaunt It Is Fun!

Because Your Opinion Matters...

Although Flaunt It is not officially launched until the Fall, we still want you to have fun! Check back every day for exciting polls and quizzes located under the Fun Stuff heading in the upper right hand corner of the page. Here at Flaunt It your opinion matters so start the fun today!

Jul 19, 2010

Coming Soon!

Flaunt It Magazine Online is arriving Fall 2010! Filled with expert advice, fashion tips, beauty suggestions, stories, quizzes and articles designed just for tween & early teen girls!

Flaunt is sure to be the most talked about blog in cyber space among girls this Fall. Comeback to the site soon for sneak peaks, previews and more news on this BIG event!

Hope to see you in the Fall!

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