Mar 22, 2011

Get The Gucci Look...

 Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director brought a chic combination or fur, feathers and fashion to Gucci's Fall/ Winter 2011 runway show. Get the Gucci look by using some of Flaunt Its fab tips!

For the Fall and Winter season get your dark lips on! From black cherry to dark ruby red the dark lip look is ruling the scene! Gucci's beauty stylist gave all the models in the show maroon lip colour and the result was stunning!

When the weather starts to get cooler pump up the heat with some bright and bold colours! From blue, green, red and yellow Frida put shots of colour into every colour making each garment eye catching and trendy! Get this look for next Fall and Winter by picking a bold colour and working it into your every day look!

Lastly to get Gucci's look you need to find a piece of clothing that is extravagant! Look out for a sweater or shirt that has some unique detailing that accentuates your style. Keep your eyes out for feathers, beading and furry stoles to keep your look hot when the temp goes down!


  1. Love the colour combinations! They're fantastic... no surprise with Gucci!

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  2. There's something about Gucci that seems that extra bit special isn't there? :)

    lovely blog!


  3. I'm so a gucci girl!

  4. Gorgeous! loving the bright colors...xo

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