Jan 4, 2011

Floral Sense

Everyone loves pretty things! Lets face it perfume can smell ten times as sweet when spritzed from a gorgeous bottle! When it comes to perfume sometimes the better the bottle the better the scent! Right now I'm loving Marc Jacobs Daisy & Lola perfume! Not only are the bottles fab with there over-the-top flowers and colours the aromas of both are amazing! Both floral in nature (no pun intended) these perfumes add a great touch to a perfume collection!

Although a daisy has little to no scent Marc Jacobs has encapsulated the beauty of this flower through the perfume! Daisy is sweet smelling and great for girls because of the feminine scent it creates!

Lola is a bolder scent and like its bottle has great flair! Peony, rose, vanilla are mixed to create a great perfume.

But......it gets better! You can now purchase jewelery from the Daisy and Lola collections with solid perfume inside! Bellow is a photo of a ring from the Lola collection that can be flipped up to reveal a solid version of the sweet scent!  

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  1. yumm i can't wait to smell it! I love the direction of your blog! keep up the great work, doll!

    just 10 more days...

  2. OH I saw that Lola perfume in Macy's one day and almost got it just because of it's adorable cap. I didn't know there was a ring like that! I must have it. I'm starting my internet Marc Jacobs ring search now lol

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    xoxo, A

  3. i like daisy!!!!

    thank for commenti my blog dear:)

    xx Marina

  4. i love the lola bottle!

    PS. nice blog ;)



  5. Daisy is the sweetest scent....I love it so much!


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