Feb 2, 2011

Oscar De La Renta Spring Collection Runway Review: Modern Day Fairytale

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 Runway Show Review
~*~Modern Day Fairytale~*~

Mix together some extravagant frills, giant jewels and stilettos and you have an Oscar de la Renta runway show that leaves you dreaming you were invited to a grand ball at which an Oscar de la Renta gown was the only attire  acceptable......(it is a disappointing drift back down to reality!)

Spring is going to be beautiful! Oscar de la Renta uses floral prints often throughout the show, in some outfits even crocheting  flower designs into cardigans and dresses! I think this flowery touch adds a huge dose of delicacy to the clothes. A flower is really known for its delicate and gentle appearances and those vibes were really a big part of the show because of how present they were in the gowns and dresses themselves!

I was personally really excited to see the ballgowns. I love fancy and frilly things and this collection had a lot of dresses that were very much that style! I think that part of the "ballgown essence" is that over-the-top, luxurious look and that is really captivated in this show! Coco Rocha wore one of my favourite dresses in the collection. The black and white dress was sophisticated and the large puffy skirt was gorgeous! All of the ball gowns had exquisite detail and reminded me of a modern day fairytale!

Hair and makeup for this show was very sophisticated! Lips were done in nude colour and skin was left in natural tones but the eye makeup had a lasting effect! The models had either a blue.green eyeshadow or a black/grey eyeshadow. Both alternatives were very beautiful and complimented the clothes very nicely. Hair was parted down the center and twisted into a high bun at the crown of the head, this style had a very regal feel to it.

In conclusion I absolutely loved the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 runway show. One of my favourite aspects of the show was the colour hues which were ranging from tropical to pastel! In the words of Oscar himself "fashion is only fashion until a women puts it on" something tells me Oscar de la Renta might be one of the most fashionable designers around then.....because lots of women will be dying to "put on" his clothes!


  1. Oh My Gosh! I love those dresses! I adore the fifth dress with the polka dotes.. so cute! I love those dresses...they are so nice. Great blog.. I love your writing style! I wish I could put on his clothes!

    Andrea Holmes

  2. Hi,
    I love Oscar de la Renta and this has been one of my favourite of his shows....I also loved coco rocha's gown...stunning!
    Great article you should be writing for a magazine!
    Chandalah Dahli

  3. Hey,
    I love those dresses! Oscar's got a great spring 2011 collection! I think I will get one for myself! Those dresses are gorgeous! Fairy tale dresses! I love your post!

  4. Oscar de la Renta is la creme de la creme. No one does ladylike glamour like he does. Great post! Love the blog.

    Stop by again some time:


  5. Love the photos!Great collections!kisses


  6. I always enjoy an Oscar de la Renta ballgown. He always knows how to make a spectacular princess dress!

  7. wow, beautiful dresses...I love the apricote dress!

  8. i like that polka dot gown
    it looks really nice

  9. Oscar does some wonderful dresses. Am a big fan as he never disappoints.
    This is a great collection.


  10. do we follow each other? Greetings

  11. hi,
    i love those dresses. I totally love them! Oscar de la Renat has some sweet new stuff!

  12. These looks are absolutely stunning! I love the dramatic flair and the patterns... amazing! I'm definitely inspired :)

    VPV Intern

  13. Greetings Flaunt It,
    I am Rosmerta Gozmiro . I found out about your blog and thought it was really cool! I love your runway reviews! They are really well written, and I love them! I cannot wait to read more. Thanks for knowing how to write good stuff about fashion. I adore your blog. It is great. I love the name, and the posts. It is amazing. I cannot believe I never saw it before. Good job!

    Rosmerta Gozmiro

  14. Hey,
    I love Oscar De la renta. Cool post. I like it


  15. Oh, was für tolle kleider, schmacht!



  16. OMG! well, you gotta love him' I know I do! All of those dresses are fab! Get me one? Ha! Any ways, really well written. I like your blog. Umm.. what more to say but... I love fashion&valentines! !! :)

  17. hi,
    cool i love those dresses! Great blog, you are an amazing writer!



  18. Wow,, i'ld buy them all, not one disappoints.
    I was always a fan of his! :)

  19. DeLaRenta for me is pure. The designs are ravishing. If onle I could ever get a chance to wear them! Thanks to your blog...I am conected closer to all my delarenta dreams!
    Never stop blogging....make a magazine of yoru blog.....eveyrone supports you!

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