Nov 3, 2011

Open Letter: Teen Vogye

Alexa Chung is a true "it girl"when it comes to fashion. She has got amazing style, and she loves looking good. For anyone who is a Teen Vogue reader, you may have caught Alexa on this months cover.....

I love this cover. Alexa looks peaceful and relaxed and it is nice to see a real fashionista on the cover, as opposed to just another "hollywoodette". Alexa Chung defines Teen Vogue fashion which is why I was so happy to see she was the cover girl.

Also, the colours on the cover are gorgeous. I love how mellow and soft they appear. The baby blue and delicate rose pink reflect Alexa's sweet style and poised personality. 

Overall, I think Teen Vogue has had a lot of ultra awesome covers, but this one really stood out to me. Great work, Teen Vogue....I love you!


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  1. Alexa, and Teen Vogue go hand in hand!!! Love this!!!!


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