Nov 23, 2011

How To Steal Taylor Swift's Style

How To Steal Taylor Swift's Style...

Taylor has a sweet, cute yet fashionable style sense learn how to nab this diva's so-pretty look!

Lets start with Taylor's hair look... you can count on her to always have nice, soft wavy curls around her face. Getting Taylor's hair is easy.. all you need is a hair curler or some hair curlers. After doing that, simply let the curls fall beside your face, or put a clip at the side to get Taylors soft, pretty hair.

Now, for makeup! Taylor's makeup look is great. That "cat eye" look, and light colored lips are beautiful. Use dark blues and grey eyeshadows to do the eyes and a soft pink gloss on your lips. Plus, a nice pink blush tops off Taylor's look perfectly!

Finally, Taylor's great fashion sense! She usually many soft muted colors such as whites, creams and pastel pinks, which makes her clothing style very feminine. She sometimes also wears polka dots or floral prints or a cute skirt, and usually wears a sleeveless sundress or a sundress with flutter sleeves and a pair of heels, ballet flats or cowboy boots. Taylor has such a great style!

There you have it, you are starting to look like Tay already!

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