Nov 13, 2011

Go Eco-Friendly With Fashion!

There are so many different beauty products to pick from, how do you decide which ones are the best for the planet? Above are some pictures of some of the best eco-aware beauty products. Bellow are some tips on what to look out for when you want to shop for beauty products from brands that care!

#1. Look for organic products.
#2. Look for products made form natural ingredients. 
#3. Keep you eye out for brands that donate money to ecological charities.
#4. Products with a fair trade symbol are helping the them!
#5. Do your research! Look a bit into brands before you just slap your cash down on any product.

Be eco aware and have fun with your beauty products!

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  1. I love shopping eco-friendly by buying stuff from burt's bees! what do u do to be eco friendly!?

  2. oh goodie! I am so glad you used/wrote that article. i m an eco freak-o!


  3. do you beilive in magic?
    this article makes me! luve it.


  4. i love shopping eco friendly... but it is way pricey!<3 who cares! as long as i am on the green team idc how much it takes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ye ha!!!!!!!!!! :-)



  5. Thanks for all of the amazing comments! It is amazing to hear reader's thoughts on this important issue! :)


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