Aug 6, 2011

10-Year-Old Vogue Model

In the wonderful world of modeling it is not uncommon to see teenage models strutting down runways or posing in ad campaigns. Is 10 too young to be a part of the high fashion modeling leagues? Meet Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau...a 10-year-old fashion model.

Thylane Lena-Rose is 10-years-old. While most pre-teens spend their time hanging out with friends, eating pizza, dancing and playing sports this young girl is at high profile fashion shoots. Thylane is a French model. The pre-teen is gaining attention in the fashion world and the little miss has become quite the hot topic when it comes to controversy....

It all began when mature photographs of Thylane were printed in French Vogue. The photographs feature Thylane posing in leopard print dresses, stilettos and make up. Many are dubbing the photos as "provocative" and "too mature", but the young model is also unique looking and possesses an exotic beauty perfect for the modeling world.

Many people are disgusted with the images however Thylane is not fashions first young face. Elle Fanning, 13, is the face of  Marc by Marc Jacobs and 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld is the new face of MiuMiu.

Think what you will Thylane Lena-Rose is bound to be a super model! If this is where she is at as a 10-year-old fashionista's will be pining to see what she will be up to several years from now. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is one to watch....she is controversies current "it" girl and fashions darling.  What will happen next? Stay tuned...


  1. She is gorgeous....but this is SO controversial right now! What do you think? Post comments ladies...

  2. It is foul.....toddlers in tiaras is wrong, but this is just sooo wrong!

  3. I feel guilty sayin' it....she looks beautiful! Fashion is controversial people....this is just another one of its beautiful surprises! I loooove thylene....she is soooo beautiful!

  4. Hailee and Elle are teens....this girl is just a baby! I would have no objections if she was starting out with modeling for pampers and was now doing.....Macy's or Gap but this?! Whoa!

  5. @ Janie....

    I agree! I think that Thylene would be beautiful in Gap would be a lot more appropriate and honestly no one would judge. she would still be building her resume!

  6. Hey,
    Everyone needs to stop judging!!!! For real?? Her parents are making these choices and for her it is just a fun little game! She is a little girl....I think her parents need to be the ones taking the blame here....not this little innocent child.

  7. Hey,

    Wow....she is an amazing model! She has some gorgeous pics.


  8. Eww! This is really inappropriate. This youngster should not be wearing such provocative clothing and glaring at the camera so seductively in the vogue shots! Her child hood modeling career is riddled with warped fantasies.

  9. Hey there,

    Where to start? She is a very beautiful child, but I think that the aesthetics are all wrong! She should not be lounging in the high heels and make up! It is weird.

    Hopefully thid does not encourage "normal" kids to aspire to such a phony look. That is not the way 10 year old kids should be looking. I hope for her sake she can see beyond the lip stick and leopard prints.

    I really want to get a copy of paris vogue now. That will be my final word....seeing it in print.



  10. I think Thylane is beautiful and if she is interested in modeling, she should go for it! I'm sure she will be a very successful and stylish supermodel one day if she gets an early start and keeps it up! If young teen celebrities are okay, then so are preteen models. This will be an exciting experience for Thylane and I wish her the best!

  11. Thanks again for all the comments :-)


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