Jun 13, 2011

Hot Topic: Lara Stone

The fashion industry is always hungering for the next big thing! Trends and styles are changing so quickly which means sustainable models are all the rage! Lara Stone is fashion's current model of the moment. She is ranked #1 on models.com and can be seen everywhere from the hottest runway shows to the most amazing ad campaigns. Lara's one to watch...

For Calvin Klein...

Lara's modeling for Calvin Klein is superb! The collection screams edgy minimalist and who better to play the part? This ad campaign is one thing that has been propelling Stone's career and is getting her a lot of attention.

For Prada...

Lara's subtly sexy Prada Milano fragrance ad campaign is also gaining attention. It can't be denied...Lara is a model who is really taking the industry by storm. 

For Magazines...

Glossy and thick she fills the pages of all the famous magazines-and- their covers! Lara makes an amazing cover girl due to her unique beauty.

Lara Stone is fashion's current it-girl. Her unconventional beauty is what really draws you in. There is something intriguing and beautiful about her, you can't quite put your finger on it...all you know is Lara isn't about to go.


  1. Love the Laura Hutton vibe....unconventional beauty all the way! Gap tooth has never been sooo....alluring!
    Your blog rox!

  2. She looks prettiest in the Prada ad. A few of the others scare me a little. :/ Excellent post, as per usual. :D

  3. Lara is beautiful....in Calvin Klein she is so gorgeous!

  4. I wish I was like her! She isnt the kind of girl who is the beach bombshell...but her earthy confiednce is beeeoootful!

  5. Wow...your blog is amazing....I love this model!

  6. Hi,
    This is very neat-o!

  7. Sugary dips....this model rox my sox!

  8. I love this post...honestly I wish i looked that pretty@

  9. awww....sweetie! I think you are the most beautiful girl on earth!
    YOu are my sister, Olive and I couldnt ask for a better one.

  10. Juliette you bring the sunshine and glow to my day and a happy skip to my heart! Thanx for looking out for me...
    P.s. isnt this blog cool!?

  11. Olive,
    Oh and sorry Flaunt It...it must be awks reading my sisters and mys personal convo...but thanx to ur blog....we are close!!!!
    Your blog roxxxxx

  12. OMG! These pictures are sooooo be-a-uti-fullll! She is deferentially a great model! Shes soo pretty, god i wish I was that cool! You always have cool things to blog about, and now I finally have the courage to comment! Could you check out my blog btw heres the address: http://theflowered.blogspot.com/

  13. Honestly,
    Your blog is the best blog and I'm really not just saying that. All of my freinds love your blog and even ppl who I'm not friends...with....have been nicer to me when i talk about ur blog!
    Never stop posting!

  14. I wish I had a secret bff who was as pretty as she was...honestly!


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