Apr 5, 2011


 Why Thats...Wig-Tastic!

Celebs have always loved fashion and they are the are the reason for some of the business biggest trends! But, who would have thought wigs would have been the next big thing to hit home with Hollywood's esteemed? Through the years we've seen wigs on our fave starlets from Marlow Thomas in "That Girl" to country singer Dolly Parton but, 2011 has seen more faux tresses than ever before! 

Flaunt It decided to scour the scene and see which stars have been rocking the totally hot wig trend and which stars, well, haven't been rocking it...

Who Rocks It:

Nicki Minaj is the new and hot female rapper! Her hit song "Moment 4 Life" is ranking high on the charts but how about her hair!? Nicki is a fun singer "on the inside I am like a Harajuku girl because it is always a party!" Nicki once said. It is true that this diva loves having fun and her cute wigs only add to that hot persona! Nicki rocks the wig style!

Just like Katy Perry's latest smash hit "E.T." the wig look is a glamorous way to express her inner futuristic diva! The bold blue looks beautiful against Katy's fair complexion and come on...we all know Katy is that cutesy Veronica Lodge look-alike so it totally works for her! Katy plays up the fantasy with this royal blue 'do and frankly it looks awesome!

....And... The Not So Hot....

We love Lady G but this wig that features a sort-of-a-pan on her head really doesn't cut it. GaGa is known for her avant-garde style but this look fails to impress. Perhaps if that flat bit was removed and it was just long blond locks she'd look hotter! Sorry GaGa but this look isn't one of your finest.

 Selena Gomez is a go-go girl whose wig look should be going-going-gone! Selena is sweet and bubbly but this fake looking hairstyle is not right for this Disney Channel star! Sel' stick with your natural dark brown locks...they suit you way better!


Well what do you think about the wig look? Do you agree with these wig hot's and not's? Tell Flaunt It with a comment bellow! 
Can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. Selena looks stinky!

  2. Um...I hate Nicki's wig....jokes it is so pretty! Like candyfossy :-)

  3. I think Nicki and Katy rock them best

  4. hi,
    i heart wigs!

  5. Yo!

    I love Niki! Sweet post! Awesome wigs.. they look "wig-tastic!" Haha... nice blog, gaga's got a not so hot look, and katy looks great. Selena, should stick to brown. She looks hedious. But- Niki is great!!!! my fav. Also, I love beyonce's wigs. She is so pretty!I would love to see lady gaga wear regular hair!! ha. Selena looks really ugly! Plus, you are a great writer!

    keep it up,
    great work!

  6. great blog. wigs are cool.!

  7. ƒlørå †åråhuççiApr 5, 2011, 9:20:00 PM


    Wigs are cool, but weird. Katy looks good... the two others (gaga, selena) don't. Um... niki looks cool too! Keep it up! Nice blog!


  8. Nice post....keep it up!

  9. Eww Gaga looks totally gross! Good call :-)

  10. Haha, I love the comment about the pan. It's so true. And I also love the "going-going-gone." Keep up the awesome work! :D

  11. hi there,
    u beschikt over een zeer mooie blog. Ik spreek Nederlands en gebruikte een vertaler instrument om dit artikel te lezen. Zeer mooi werk! Ik hoop dat u mijn DUCTH dialect begrijpen of gewoon gebruik maken van een vertaler hulpmiddel om dit commentaar te ontvangen! Ik blog ook en het is geweldig.
    Je bent een goede blogger. Wanneer heb je weer post?

  12. nicky looks cool not stinky others are also looks different, i love wigs.. thanks for this blog

  13. I love Katy Perry's icy lavender wig in the California Gurls music video and she looks great with bright blue locks, too! Katy totally rocks colourful wigs and thay go with the theme of her music! I totally agree with your choices. :)

  14. hey I wear a wig. And I hear niki minaj has a closet of wigs bigger then my master b-room!

  15. Hey,
    I love hair and wigs, and this article is amazing! Niki Minaj has great wigs, and gaga is not rocking it too well.... Great job!


  16. nicki that wig look so cute i might get just it look right.


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