Apr 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

No matter who you are, where you live or what time it meant you had to tune in, the royal wedding brought the entire world together...

It was many weeks ago that the announcement of Kate Middleton's and Prince William's engagement was made and today the loving couple tied the knot at West Mister Abbey. The wedding was lovely with beautiful trees inside the Abbey for a touch of colour. Seeing everyone dressed their best was also thrilling (check back tomorrow for a post on best dressed at the wedding) and the truth is that however dashing Prince William may have looked all eyes were on Kate!

As rumored Kate wore a gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton! It is amazing that this was kept a secret but the fact that it did shows the fashion house's incredible respect for the now Duchess Katherine and the entire royal family. The gown was beautiful. Traditional, classic, breathtaking. The dress was perfect for Kate who looked comfortable and truly happy as she walked down the aisle.

The amazing thing about this wedding was it showed the Cinderella story. Kate being a commoner and marrying the future King of England is very exciting and thrilling to watch. Another great aspect of the wedding is that there were real people there, just as much in awe at the beauty and love as the rest of the world. It truly was an event that history will never forget.

Kate and William looked very happy together and it is totally clear that they plan a long and happy life together...

Check back all this weekend because it is Wedding Fever! There will be upcoming articles on best dressed at the wedding, more on Kate's dress and all the wedding articles you could dream of...


  1. Oh it was just beutiful. she looks amazing!

  2. Oh la la!!!!!!!!!!! So amazin!!!!!!!!

  3. Kate is so pretty and that wedding dress was perfect for her. Not to mention so was William!
    I watched the appearance on the balcony this morning (in Canada) and some of the highlights. What a lovely wedding. Did anyone watch the whole thing live?
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Kate is the sweetest little Duchess! Her dress is beautiful, mature, so romantic that they went in for the double snog. I am so touched and @ the ceremony i was actually weeping with pride.
    so amazing!!!!!

  5. She is just the spectacle of the 21st centuray now!!!

  6. Darling Duchess Kate....may her life be an everyday cinerella story and may her babies bloom with true pride

  7. oh it was beautiful... positively gorgeous! YOu are an amazing writer and I loved the wedding indeed! Kate and william and very gertie indeed! Keep it up!



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