Apr 11, 2011

1 Beauty Look To Love

Amanda Seyfried's natural makeup look is BIG this Spring!

Amanda Seyfried is one of Hollywood's prettiest celebs but the main reason for that is her knack for pulling off the natural look hen it comes to makeup and hair! This Spring, stylist are taking inspiration form Amanda's signature natural style. To get A's look this Spring just follow these easy steps....

#1. Start by tousling your locks and occasionally spritzing with water to add some definition to your hair. This gives your hair a relaxed look!

#2. Go for a nude/ blush coloured lipstick and apply it thinly. This adds some colour to your lips with out being too "in-your-face".

#3. The natural makeup look makes your eyes pop! Go for a light gray eyeshadow and dust sparingly around your eyes. Gray is great because it will accentuate your eyes.

#4. Take a bit of blush and apply it gently to your cheeks-this adds a whimsical twist to the look!

#4. Rock this look with confidence! The biggest part of beauty is your inner beauty....let it shine through!


  1. I love Amanda...thanks for this post! I love this blog....it is is the best blog on earth! If u made a magazine of this blog it would be the most popular magazine on the stands....trust!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice...this post is great because Amanda does not encourage a "fake" beuty look! Thanks for teaching us how to look flirty and fun this spring!

  3. Sweeeeeeeeet post! I <3 Amanda....her look is so sweet thanks for telling me how to get her loook....i am trying it now!

  4. I love Amanda Seyfried! She is so pretty! Her makeup look is great! I love it.... I am going to try those tips!! Please, check out my blog, and comment on the new post! Thank-you! I love yours, it is awesome! Keep up the great work, it is amazing, and really fun to read... Can't wait to read your next amazing article!!

    -Style It Girl

  5. Wowo... that is one cool look. I love it, and she is so pretty! Great blog, love the header writing... how'd ya do that? I dont blog, but urs is awesome!!keep it up! :-) ttyl!!! <3

  6. what a lovely post! Amanda is my fave actress!!!

  7. She is beautiful and it's so true, grey eyeshadow really accentuate your eyes, it's amazing!:)

  8. she's beautiful!

  9. I love her! Shes an amazing actress. <3

  10. love her! she is an a amazing arctress!


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