Apr 17, 2011

Pastel Purse

Pink pastel purses are big this Spring! Flaunt It Scoured the fashion scene for our top 3 faves...
This pink pastel purse is from Coach and super cute for carrying around all your Spring essentials! Plus the light grapefruit colour rocks!      

 This adorable light pink/ nude clutch from Christian Dior is darling for all your evening events! Oh la la....so fab!

This diva-licious Juicy Couture purse is positively perfect for a day on the town with your friends this Spring! 100% amazing.

So this Spring keep your eyes out for a super cute pastel pink purse because they are the hottest trend of the moment! This Spring don't even think about your accessories collection being complete without a pink purse! Check out Flaunt Its faves Coach, Christian Dior and Juicy Couture for the prettiest pink purses around!


  1. So adorable!!! I love pink stuff....that juicy one rules!

  2. I love that Juicy purse! Your blog is amazing! You should write for a magazine. Keep up the great work.

    <3 Love from Canada :D

  3. Awesome post....I love the colour pink!!!

  4. I love the Dior clutch and the grapefruit color on the Coach purse looks really pretty:)
    much love!<3

  5. wow.....that is soooo cool!!!!!!!
    your a great blogista!!!!

  6. nice post...i love clutches...dior rules!!
    nice post!
    post more soon plzzzzzz

  7. So fantastic. I love your blog, definitely following!
    Have a great day



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