Apr 29, 2011

Best Dressed @ The Royal Wedding

Kate proved that she knows fashion in her regal wedding gown but some of the guests looks pretty fabulous too! Here are Flaunt Its top 3 picks for best dressed at the royal wedding....

Her royal highness the Queen of England, Camilla and Carole Middleton all looked sensational! From the pretty pale colours of their outfits to the delicate details that made their looks stand out heres why these 3 leading ladies looked so impressive....

The Queen: Queen Elizabeth looked darling in her hummingbird yellow outfit. The warm sunny colour said that she approved of the marriage and she was very happy for the couple. For sure a sweet spring-y style!

Camilla: Camilla went for a beautiful outfit that said classy and fashionable! The delicate colours and patterns said that she was overcome with joy at the wedding and hopes that Kate and Wills we be happy together forever! This gorgous outfit lands Camilla on the list of best dressed.

Carole Middleton: The mother of the bride looked fantastic in her robin's egg blue outfit. The outfit said "I am so happy for my daughter and her husband. They are spectacular together and I am filled with joy". From the pretty colour to the 100% appropriate style Carole is one of the best dressed.

Unfortunately we couldn't look as swish as the Queen but some guests pulled major fashion no-no's!

I didn't know that Lady GaGa and Mrs. Bluebelle were invited to the royal wedding! Sorry Beatrice and Eugene these frocks are far from fancy. That blue blueberry dress looks horrid but the beige outfit was the real shocker! The hat is as topsy turvy as Alice in wonderland and the disheveled hair and heavy eye makeup has a GaGa feel. Ladies this is not up to par!

Check back all weekend for tons of posts on the royal wedding extravaganza!


  1. Egune was the royal disaster with that dress...honestly what was she thinking?

  2. Whoa, someone didn't know that topping a 100% beige outfit with a vertical bow hat and looking like they just got out of bed wasn't acceptable! :/

  3. I have no idea what Beatrice and Eugene were thinking! But everyone else, especially Kate and Pippa, looked absolutely amazing.


  4. Oh dear Beatrice & Eugene, what were they thinking??? Love the Lady Gaga reference!!

  5. The Queen looked so sweet :-) Love how you speak so well of her!

  6. Camilla was my fave @ the wedding. She looked perfect....

  7. Fabulousness at the royal wedding....charming little Harry...here I come!

  8. Gag Eugene....please never show your face again like that!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi,
    I did not really like what the Queen wore but the colour was nice I guess.
    Thanks for this post =)

  10. Loved the wedding...kate looked so great :-)
    so happy 4 them=!!!!!!!

  11. Carole looked so fabulous....she was so happy for her precious kate and pippa looked like a babe!

  12. EH, hardy har har! How funny!

  13. I totally agree! Euegene and Beatrice look terrible! And the Queen, camilla and carole look nice! I loved the wedding! I wrote about it too on my blog! Please check it out...
    thanks, and keep up the good work!

  14. Love it! Great job... those last two dresses were hideous! Bleh. so, the wedin' was fab, eh? I loved it! Good job, and I can't wait to read more on this royal affair!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hello!
    I am in utter chock that anyone would say Eugene looked bad! SHe looked beautiful, and rather elegant as well. But Beatrices does look a bit like a blueberry. I must say, the wedding was a dream come true for me...!
    Loving Memories,

  16. I loved watching the wedding...what did you think of it? Comment, comment, comment and don't forget to follow by email by entering your email address into the little box on the right sidebar!
    flaunt it

  17. HI my name is Honey H
    and i 7 nearly 8
    and my uncle willy is 40 something
    this is what we would like to say

    great silver shoes on camillia ... and a great box pleat 5/10

    love the canary yellow on queenie 10 / 10

    powder blue on the in laws .. 9/10


  18. The wedding of Cinderella to Prince Charming would not have been complete without the two ugly sisters present.



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