Apr 23, 2011

True Blue

This Spring beautiful tones of blues are where it is at!

Chanel Spring 2011
Prada Spring 2011

LV Spring 2011
Tiffany Necklace

 Turquoise Rebel Swatch Watch

Blue is the true hit this Spring!

So you may be asking your self, why is blue such a big trend for Spring 2011? The answer to this question is easy, blue is a cool and refreshing colour and in the Spring warmth, a refreshing splash of blue is very appealing. Plus from powder blues, to  Caribbean blues, the range of tones and hues is huge when shopping blue!

If you are planning on investing in some blue clothing this season then there are a few things you should watch out for! This tips are huge so read carefully....

Firstly, if you are going to be laying down green for blue then you must be certain of one thing, is the shade of blue right for you? If your hair is blond or black, go for light powder blue, red heads and brunettes should opt for a tropical blue!

Secondly, you have to think to yourself, do I have blue clothing already at home? Am I shopping for blue accessories or blue shirts, dresses and pants? This is really important because if you are on the hunt for blue accessories you will be heading to different shops then if you are  looking for blue clothes.

Probably the most important thing about shopping blue is ensuring that the merchandise suits you! There is no point in buying something only to decide it isn't you...just because blue is a catchy trend this Spring, does not mean you should go for blue if it is not you!

Good luck on all of your blue shopping excursions...

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  1. Hi there,
    I'm so happy that you did a post on this topic...blue is totally true. It shows love and passion as well as a girls most romantic side!!!!!
    Thanks again,

  2. hi there. That is cool! blue is a great color!!

  3. wow.....awesome post! Ur blog rulesssss

  4. nice post......keep up the great work!
    I love blue so this post is so cool to meeeeee

  5. Thanks for all the comments readers!
    Blue is a super hot trend right now....I love it....

  6. oh my goodness, i just can't believe it... how cool.... I LOVE BLUE!!!!!

  7. Oh sweet! I love teal so I must be so stylish!
    oh la la.....

  8. I wear lots of navy blue, and I'd like to buy something in an electric blue. Thanks for the post!

  9. Does that mean my ol' jeans are in? YAY!


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