Apr 23, 2011

Fit For A Princess...

Swipe Kate Middleton's Fancy Princess Style!

Kate Middleton is the most talked about girl around! This bride to be has a super sweet and sophisticated style as well...here is how you can snap it up as easy as 1-2-3! The following are Miss. Middleton's top 3 essentials!

Fitted Blazer....
 Kate's posh and regal style would not be complete without a stunning fitted blazer! The pretty princess loves bold and versatile colours but her #1 way of wearing the blazer is with a swish belt! How fabulous is that?

Regal Re-usables....
 Kate knows that when something is chic it is totally worth working into multiple outfits! It is 100% clear that black heeled boots are a must for this Princess-to-be and Kate also knows that black boots can look stylish with any outfit!

Hat Attack...

The royals do love their hats and darling Kate proves that a chic showstopping topper is the only way to go! From flowery to feathery fun hats are big for Miss. Middleton but, hey they look amazing, right?

Dreaming of How to Steal The Bride-to-be's Fancy Look....
 Flaunt It chatted up stylist Cameron K. for all the tips...

Stylist Cameron. K suggests if you want to get the royal look this Spring then you need to remember that royal style is all about etiquette in fashion! If you want to dress to impress the highest ranks of society, several items are top of mind for Cameron if dressing like royalty is your true dream!
Flaunt It: "So Cameron if there was one accesory that you could sugest to readers for hot to get the regal style then what accesory would you recommend?"
Cameron: "I love accessories...hmm I think a necklace is forever trendy. A classy string of pearls is a huge plus when dressing regally! Not only are these mystic sea reassures elegant they are timeless too."

Flaunt It: "Now that we are talking accesories, it has to be asked: how do you pick the perfect hat?"

Cameron: "Royals have a thing for elegant hats and I am so with them on it! Personally, I think when picking a hat you really want it to be fun...a real perk of personality to your outfit. Kate goes for plumage and feathery bits on her hats and frankly, it looks great!"

Flaunt It: "Okay Cameron, what is your number one tip for Flaunt It readers who are dreaming of the posh, royal style?"

Cameron: "Kate's signature royal blue peacock dress is a true stunner! If you are craving to look like a royal maiden then you need a dress like that for sure!"


  1. Hey!
    Kate Middleton has a wonderful style! Great tips, Cameron! And Flaunt It, you did a great job of explaining cool ways to get the queen-to-be's look! I love it! Great job, keep it up! Check out my blog!



  2. woha! great style... I love her! great job!

  3. I love kate middleton, she has a great style... I am off to buy some black boots NOW!!!! :-)


  4. Heya Missy...

    Great post missy.Kate has a very unique style... one quite like myself if I may say. Ha, my name is Kate too, but I am Kate Gorphinsburg! Ha... nice blog missy. Bye!


  5. Salutem. Utor Latina. Rumex, si non sciretis. Eram a tool ut lego tranlating. Mox ut in horto cum filia et vocavit tua mihi fecit Internet website. Lorem ipsum fans of Kate ingens Med. Habeat style pulcherrima ... verum est Gaudeo videre iuvenis similior sibi populum et alios website historiae scribere, sicuti futurum reginae Angliae

  6. She's really classy indeed:) She got style.

  7. Hi,
    Nice ბლოგინგი! შეინახეთ იგი up:)
    Bye bye,
    P.s. I like blogs!!! :)

  8. You gotta love a women who dresses how she feels, and wears it comfortably :) Kate's a rulebreaker. Love that!


  9. Thanks for all the comments readers!
    Kate is so pretty....can't wait to see her wedding gown....check back Friday for a wedding report!

  10. She has the best figure and those dimples.......

  11. so cooll!!!! that awesomeeee

  12. I love that red blazer, and how it's tied with a black bow to match the buttons. Chic and eye-catching. ;)

  13. Oh she seems so sweet and darling! I can't wait to see that cute movie about them too....this is the perfect love story!

  14. she really does have a great look...! I love her! great post!!!


  15. I totally think she has a great look! Lovin' the boots! SHe is soooooo pretty! keep up the good royal posts!


  16. Carmen K can you be my stylist? You sound amazing...thanks for this awesome interview Flaunt It....it rox!


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