Jan 19, 2011


Recently while flipping through the pages of a magazine I saw the advertisement for this perfume and became interested in the intentions of this strange perfume. The ad (shown above) features a space-aged women with an hour glass figure dramatically posed with her golden gown billowing about her...

When one thinks of an alien a rather freakishly distorted image comes to mind. The slogan for this perfume is "Feel Extraordinary" which is interesting considering the reputation aliens have as being monster-like. I decided come up with some reasons why this Perfume would be an attractive purchase for women and girls.

I think that Theirry wanted women to feel mysterious and exotic while wearing the perfume, aliens are a mystery and whether or not they exist is questionable; perhaps this perfume is an attempt to get females in touch with there inner secrets? I think people find mysterious things glamorous, perhaps this perfume aims at getting purchasers feeling glam?

The 'space' theme is very relevant both in the advertisement, the title of the perfume and the shape and design of the bottle. The bottle is very angular and reminds me of a space ship. The gold and purple are a vivid contrast and create a regal feel. I think this aspect of the perfume bottle encourages women to feel   luxurious while wearing the perfume {although that totally contrasts towards the image of aliens and space ships}

Thierry is no stranger to perfume with a clear image. Thierry is also responsible for Angel and Womanity, both fragrances like Alien with a very direct and specific image.

There is something alluring about the unknown....and I think that is definitely something that this uniquely entitled perfume is striving to portray....

Whats your take on Alien perfume? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts!


  1. I think it is weird but the bottle is really cool!

  2. kind of weird. i dont understand what feeling extraordinary has to do with being an alien?! or smelling like an alien? haha and the way this is styled is strange. it would make more sense if the girl was more avatar or mystic looking. but this? its like asian wonderwoman in gold!!



  3. To be honest, I think that the ad is really alluring...I mean the gold dress is so cool! It is just the name I find freaky...aliens give me the creepz!


  4. Okay.. so it smells good, has a cool bottle, gives you an "extraordinary feeling"..... first word that comes to mind?? NOT ALIEN! I would think maybe glamor, or if you want to call it something weird like "alien" how about "Unique" or "One and only".. I could think of way better things than "ALIEN." I think it is a dumb name, and I personally do not want to buy something called alien... aka weird, different or unusual.. but I am not buying alien.. and that is because of it's name...

    -Andrea Holmes

  5. Madison MckinnleyJan 20, 2011, 6:57:00 PM

    I think Alien is a great name. It is different, and something people will remember. In my opinion, that ad is very captivating and the words "Feel Extraordinary" make the ad even more seductive, and interesting to look at. The woman is somewhat pretty, and has on a cool outfit.

    We must remember- Thierry Mugler also has made perfumes "Angel" and "Womanity". Both are mysterious and different as well! I think Thierry has great perfume names, scents and bottles!

    Over all I think this perfume has goods and bads... but is a pretty big hit and a great new scent!

    -Maddie <3 :)

  6. Hey,
    Cool post! I LOVE alien! It rocks!!!!!!!

  7. Even though it's not usually what we think of when we think "alien"...in terms of fashion, "alien" does have a mysterious, fascinating quality to it. What a great idea, and the ad is amazing. Man, this is why I love fashion.


  8. thierry mugler is such an amazing designer
    and i always did notice something "alien" about their designs. but this may be too much...



  9. Your writing is so amazing. It's beautiful, even if the advert is stupid. x hivennn. p.s enter my jeffrey campbell giveaway?

  10. Gloria Gavaduci (GG)Jan 21, 2011, 6:36:00 PM

    I think it is a weird ad... but the gold is cool. Very well written! I think it is a good, persuasive ad though. I mean, every one wants to feel "extraordinary"! The bottle is cool, and I think that just because the name is not the best perfume name, I still would buy it.

  11. love the bottle!



  12. Ummm.. tough question.... what does it mean? I don't know.. maybe be different and smell weird? Ha! I am clueless!

  13. Nice post...you shine a different light on the topic. this fragrance has been put-down a lot by people close to me...I like that you bring light to this topic in a non-judgmental and non-critical way.

  14. Yidder BuckenbostApr 23, 2011, 8:13:00 PM

    i think that golden women is very beuatiful. She is gorgeous in fact. i think the ad is breath taking. omg. i

  15. We need to be careful what we put on ourselves. Names are important and carry with it many spirits and powers. Why name it Alien? I will not buy nor purchase anything with such a name.

  16. The bottle design is something extra ordinary. its like showstopper look. I am really keen to smell its fragrance and wnat to experience the warmth of this perfume.

  17. Interesting perfumes to own. I have never tried this too but I think I'm gonna love this purple one. Thanks for the review! :)



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