Jan 13, 2011

S W A T C H -- W A T C H

Colourfull things make people happy!

Watches are a fun accessory to an outfit....not to mention their usefulness!  Swatch watches are add a great deal of personality to outfits everywhere...
Not sure which colour is right for you....match your personality to the sweet vibes these fun wrist watches are sending off...

Orange: Jolly, happy, smiling! An orange watch is a warm pop of colour best suited for Summer and Fall.  A bright orange watch tells people you are cheerful and lively! Plus orange is a perfect accent colour to any outfit!

Yellow: Sunny, sun, sun! Yellow says "I am happy and excited" which is a great message to send to people around you! Yellow watches are fantastic for joyous people  who are eager to please and always surrounded by a crowd of people!

White: A white watch is a superb colour  for style chameleons! White has a modern and classic feel and can look trendy with absolutely everything! White watches tell everyone you are smart and sophisticated!

Pink: Girly, vibrant and always bubbling with pride! Pink is pretty and very fashionable! A pink watch is perfect for girls who like feminine things!

Black: Elegant and sophisticated! A black watch is mature and a good watch for girls who like simple and basic looks! Black can also be rockin' and hip. Black watches looks good with any style from serious to sporty to hip and trendy...... every style looks fab with black!

Navy Blue: This is a colour that is great with every outfit! Navy blue is perfect for people who are fun loving but have a serious side! Navy blue is regal and very good looking on people with soothing and gentle personalities!

Red: Bold, vibrant, look at me! A red watch is a daring pop of colour sure to get people's attention! Red watches are good for girls who are passionate and loving. Girls who are outgoing and friendly look great in red watches!

Ocean Blue: Tropical and fun! A blue watch is a great way to add a touch of the sea side glory to an outfit! This watch colour is so pretty and will bring seaside summer memories back during the winter chills!

Lime Green: Fun and electric,  a lime green watch is great for people with fizzy personalities! A green watch is perfect for people who like spending time in nature as well! Plus green says you care about the environment!

Purple: Purple is trendy and chic! A purple watch is great for high fashion lovers and girls with cheerful outlooks.  It is by far the colour for trend setters and fashionistas! Interestingly, purple is also very diverse and can go with every single thing you own!

What Swatch Watch is your favourite?


  1. Cool! I have purple and LOVE it!!

  2. i have a swatch watch :) they're so good and SUCH a good price point! all of these colors are so FUN!



  3. Hey,
    Swatch is really cool. Over the summer I bought a white one. It is really chic and sleek! I love it! Not only do I love it.... but I have started a trend with my class! Everyone has a swatch watch now! There is every coulor in the rainbow! The staff bought them too! Swatch Rules! I love those personality coulors things! It makes me feel like white is definatley right!

  4. Fun watches. I like the pink. Which sounds a lot like me.

  5. A while ago my friend got a hot red swatch watch for her birthday. She really loved it and I did too!! I told how cool I thought it was and for my birthday she bought me one! She got me a navy blue (my favourite color!)It matched everything I had and I wore it every day. It was such a nice gift! My younger sister wanted one, so I got her a pink one for Christmas! I think Swatch is getting big, and I love it! I know have the Navy Blue one from my birthday, and a Ocean Blue from Christmas! (Blue is my favourite color!) I collect Swatch and, I have started a big trend too! I loved the post about what the color means about you. I think they were really cool, and it makes me want to get purple next, because I am just like that description! The blue watch descriptions are also like me though... Anyways, I loved that post and can't wait to see the next one!

  6. LOVE those watchs but the problem is that i don't know each one choosing!

    THank you so much for your lovely comment. Of course I fallow you, love your blog. Maybe you can fallow me back?
    xx from France!

  7. Hey,
    Cool blog and I am excited about this post! I LOVE swatch!
    Keep up the rad posts :-)

  8. nice post :) i have a swatch watch white...



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