Jun 5, 2011

How To Rock Flip Flops

So it is finally summer, right about time to break out the beach shoes! Everyone loves a super cute pair of flip flops but, hey, when it comes to shoes who better to look to than your fave celebrity style icon? With that being said, lets take a look at Amada Seyfried, Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian and how they work the flip flop trend...

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda is pretty relaxed when it comes to off-screen style, so it is natural for this starlet to be sporting a casual flip flop look. Want to steal Seyfried's flip flop style? It is easy! Go for cropped jean shorts and a sold coloured T-shirt, garb your biggest tote and pop on those neutral flip flops!

Amanda is going for the beige flip flop colour. Beige is a neutral which is 10x more lovable because it goes with everything in your closet!

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is one busy Hollywood "it-girl" so Blake uses flip flops when she is on the run! Craving Blake's flip flop style? Go for your fave pair of ripped camo's, chocolate coloured v-neck t-shirt and blue blouse over top. As for your flip's? Blake. L chooses a transparent tone to keep the attention on her cool outfit!

Lively Blake wants to keep everything chilled and relaxed so she does not want any one part of her outfit to out shine another. By keeping her flip flop transparent she is achieving this!

Kim Kardashian

Kim K knows style when she sees it so for Kim to be wearing pink flip flops is no surprise! Kim leads a crazy lifestyle but when she gets an outfit right...it looks so fab! Dreaming of dressing like Kim Kardashian....read on.....To start pick out your most fabulous bold coloured sun dress and then grab your cutest tote! Now all that is left is to seize your flirtiest colour of flip flops and get rocking!

Kim wants to keep her outfit fun and so, to do this she goes for a pink flip flop. If the shoes are fun, the outfit is awesome!

So this Summer hit it with celeb inspired flip flop styles! If you want to look like Amanda Seyfried then rock those neutral flip flops! If you want to look like Blake Lively get going with transparent flip flops and if you want to look like Kim Kardashian then have fun in pink flip flops. 

Share your celeb inspired flip flop tips bellow in the comment box!


  1. Awesome post! I like Kim's outfit and flip flops the best =)
    Keep up the fantastical blogging

  2. XD Sweet post!
    Hey, I know this is kinda an odd question but do you write for magazines or online magazines or something or anything?? Cuz your writing is really good.....I just wana read more of your work!!
    Where can I find it!?!?!??!?!?!!

  3. Oh so chic! Flip flops are sooo much fun~*~

  4. I love the Kardashian's and they have amazing style :-) Do a post about Kim's wedding please....she is gorgeous and I am so happy for her!

  5. I love Blake Lively and she is truly gorgeous......I mean anyone can look at hr and say "wow! I wanna look like that!" It is just awesome and I love that u talk about her in your posts.
    You are an amaing writer. You have the kind of skill that will propell you vry far in the industry.
    May peace ignite you whatever your choices in Life.

  6. Yes... great pics... I use flip flops a lot... specially on summer...

  7. Wow....that is _so_ cool!
    Nice postings...

  8. Cool post..personally I <3 Blake and anything she puts on looks like a DREAM! AWesome post gilie!

  9. Very Nice! This is a superb post!!!!!

  10. Keeping up with the kardashians is a weird show but kim is prety and looks hot in flip flops!

  11. I always wear fli flops in the spring and summer! i suaually think os celebs as being sureal, the fact they wear them makes them seem///real

  12. awww amanda is so sweet! I <3 her style!!


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