Jun 29, 2011

Oh So SoHo

If you were to ask any teen girl her favourite shop for clothing chances are, she would say Aritizia. Founded in the 1980s in Vancouver, Canada Aritizia is a privately owned  fashion retailer that features great clothing from several exclusive brands. Some of Flaunt It's favourite brands that Aritzia carries include:  Talula,  TNA and Wilfred among others! On a whole Aritizia features clothing in styles that speak to girls no matter their taste, from funky & edgy trendsetters to feminine fashionista's to sporty chic mavens and even to girls with a flair for fashions from the past. It is easy to understand why so many love Aritzia.

So with all the buzz that surrounds Aritzia it is no surprise that when their first flagship store opened in SoHo New York just recently, fashion mavericks and Aritzia addicts were going crazy! 

Check out these exclusive pics of the store...

The now open Soho flagship store possesses the unique traditional Aritzia vibes: eclectically trendy. The great thing about all of Aritizia's shops is the coziness.....every store has a sitting area and there is always sculptures and art on display. This flagship store is no different...from the slouchy furni to the woody tables everything looks amazing ! It is undeniably true that Aritizia will continue as a fleeting fashion outlet in New York. 

So, Flaunt It readers....what do you think of Aritzia's new flagship store? Leave a comment bellow to let us know...


  1. The store looks so amazing! Can't wait to check it out soon.

  2. I Love aritizia....this post inpired me to go to the store right naow! :-)

  3. Hey,

    i think aritizia has a really unique style of clothing and i really love that about them. i once got a shirt there that i am wearing now....i feel so fashionable!

    ruby. ruen

  4. Aritzia is really cool! I love all of their clothing...keep up the amazing postings

  5. Ya I think aritia has neat shops. i am going to the soho store now since u posted about it. get read for me aritzia!

  6. OMG the store is bustling....i'll keep u posted on what i buy...oh super cute i c a talula skirt i NEEED!!! i'll keep u posted :-)
    awesome blog

  7. LOVVVVVVVE this store, i was so happy when one came to our nearby mall!!! expensive though!

  8. groeten,
    Ik hou van je blog is echt geweldig! Ik heb niet gehoord van aritizia maar ik kom uit een faily die suppoert me. Ik ben het boeken van een reis naar New York nu zo kan ik naar deze winkel omdat het er zo goed uit. aritizia soho Ik wil mee gaan! dank u voor het vertellen van me over.
    Goede nacht,

  9. Greetings,
    I love your blog it is truly amazing! I have not heard of aritizia but i come from a faily that suppoert me. I am booking a trip to new york now so i can go to this shop because it looks so good. aritizia soho i want to go go! thank you for telling me about this.
    Good dayt,

  10. Hi Flaunt It readers,
    Thanks for all of your amazing comments. The Aritzia new store looks gorgeous.
    Flaunt It

  11. Hey,

    great post! I for one am a huge lover of aritzia and so when i read this post i was like flipping out of my chair! CUUUZ this summer in 2 weeks i'm going to soho so i can chill in the new store! i LUV aritzia so i'm gunna get a whole new bts wordrobe there! I cannot wait.....this blgo rox!

  12. Those are amazing photographs of the shop! I hope oneday I can go there. Genreally I shop at aritzia's in my area but this one looks grand! i think aritzia has such great stuff..................please do more posts about their stuff!

  13. Wow...aritzia just keeps gettin' better, does'nt it?

  14. I am not a huge aritzia fan but since i am from nyc i went to the shope. It is AMAZING! i am an "aritzia addict" now! proud and loud!!!!

  15. Nice post! I ike this blog....keep up the writing!
    follow me!

  16. Fancy clothes...wish i could afford them

  17. I <3 aritizia they ahve stylies I love! great post and fantastic pictures!

  18. I love aritizia....i think TNA is the best line of clothing that they carry and i am so sporty so that is why!
    aritzia rox!


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