Jun 28, 2011

Get Selena Gomez's Style

 Oh So Selena...

With her new album out today (Selena Gomez & The Scene - When The Sun Goes Down) and her movie: Monte Carlo coming out, sweet heart Selena is at the top of her game. Starlet Selena is popular at the moment because of her hip vocals and unique style. Here is how to get this fab chick's style in just 3 totally simple tips...

#1 The Striped Top

Selena looks fabulous in loose baggy t-shirts and if you want Selena's style then you need a loose stripey shirt. The loose fit says "I am calm and relaxed. Come talk to me, I want to be friends!" Selena sends these awesome vibes everywhere she goes. Pair your loose striped t-shirt with dark wash skinny jeans and cute neutral coloured ballet flats. Leave your hair lovely and loose to complete the Selena style.

#2 The Pale Skirt

Selena is known for her sugary sweet personality so it is no surprise that Selena is a natural when it comes to rocking a pale coloured summer skirt. If you want Selena Gomez's style this summer then you have to get a pale summer skirt. Go for a skirt that has a hem line just above the knee for a flirty touch that will catch any guy's eye. For cute summer skirts check out Aritzia, H&M and American Apparel.

#3 The Chic Belt

Selena Gomez is one celebrity who knows fashion. You cannot get Selena's style without a high-fashion black skinny belt. Selena loves black skinny belts because they add a hip touch to a summer dress. Wear a black skinny belt with one of your fave lighter coloured summer dresses to get a look that is oh so Selena! The Selena Gomez skinny belt accessory will gain you tons of compliments  plus the true Sel' style you have been aiming for!

So....this summer channel your inner super star celebrity....channel Selena Gomez! With a cute t-shirt that has bold stripes and a loose fit you will feel like Selena, with an amazing pastel coloured skirt you will have all eyes on you.....and with a daringly chic skinny belt you will have the Selena shining through! This summer it is easy to get this actress/ singer's hot style. 

Have more tips on how to get Sel's style? Post a comment in the comment box bellow....


  1. Selena Gomez is so sweet! Stay tuned for a music review of her latest album :-)

  2. do u write for magazines? you should.....your writing is soooooo amazing!

  3. Yeah, any magazine would be lucky to have u write for them....your work is amazing! you know what girls want 2 reeead!

  4. hi,

    i <3 selena and her style she is sooooooo pretty and kind! I am really happy to kno how 2 get her style.


  5. Hey,
    this post is really well writen. i like the way you give the 3 clear tips and u tell readers were u can get those tings.
    nice blog

  6. Hey,

    Wow definitely this is an excellent post! I love selena...she is very good @ singing + her style is cool!

    oh and i agree with other commentors...write for magazines! You should work at, like, teen fashion magazines!!!


  7. I think JB is hawt! selena and justin make such a cute couple...thanx for this post!

  8. Wow nice post! I love Flaunt It and I love the posts u have about getting a celbrities style....can u do 1 for leighton meester?

  9. You are a crazy good writer!!!! Keep up the great work =)

  10. she has got such a cute style! I love this :-)

  11. Thank you Flaunt It readers for all of these lovely comments! Your support is incredible.

  12. Yay! I love this post

  13. Love her style. Her new song love you like a love song rox!

  14. hey,
    cute blog. i love it. selenas got great style. following! XD

  15. Selena Gomez...Is so PrettyKind<You can find everything from her


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