Jan 11, 2011

A Pop O' Poppy If You Please...

Coach Poppy Pattern

Coach Poppy is so youthful and fun....in fact it is the kind of pattern that just draws one right in! The pattern (shown above) has the appearance of a spectacular party, a party that everyone has fun at and is talked about days, months and years after....Long story short Coach Poppy is a fabulous fete that keeps the trends soaring high!

Bellow are some images of pieces from the Poppy collection....
Poppy Wallet

Poppy Purse...

Poppy Wristlette 

The Poppy collection from Coach has some must have pieces without a doubt! If you don't already have something from this sweet collection it is a HUGE miss to not! Poppy is fun, vibrant and playful and no accessory collection is perfect without it!

What is your take on the Poppy collection from Coach? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts.


  1. Hi,
    For Christmas I got a coach poppy wristlet, and it is so cool and nice! I love poppy and coach! It is a really cute design! Poppy is so noce and fun! Great Post!

  2. I personally love the poppy pattern! I gave a coach scarf to my friends in poppy print, and they adored it! I think it is really cute, fun, youthful, and girly! It is a great style! In fact, I just bought a big poppy bag! It is so chic! Everyone loves it! So of course, the my poppy bag (4th picture labeled as poppy purse) is obviously my favorite thing from the poppy collection, and I think it is great!My take on it is that it is super cute and fun! I am a big fan of it as I am sure you have noticed! But it makes a great gift too! Buy something from coach's poppy collection! It is really high fashion and much loved by me!


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