Oct 20, 2011

Celebrity Trend: T-Shirt Alert!

Some of our favourite leading ladies run a pretty hectic schedule! From interviews, to photo shoots to a-lister events it gets a girl thinking: how do they have any time to think about their outfits at all? A new celebrity trend is surfacing: t-shirt alert! It is true, your I've-worn-it-once-I've-worn-it-millions-of-times t-shirt is going to be putting you on the same level as the stars when it comes to style.

The classic T-shirt may be something you don't even think about you wear it so frequently, but that ultra-comfy, super-cute T has a long history to boast! Let's get schooled ladies: t-shirt time, the fashion edition!

As it turns out the T-shirt evolved from underwear popularly used in the 19th century! It ended up being cut from one-piece "union-suit" underwear into separate top and bottom undergarments. The two piece underwear was easy to wear and more comfortable. The top t-shirt would be long enough to tuck underneath the waistband of the bottoms. As years went by various t-shirt designs came and went, some had buttons and some did not, sleeve lengths varied as well based on the season! Either way, fast forward to the fabulous 2011 and we are seeing t-shirts everywhere....in particular on the stars!

Celebs love their t-shirts because they are comfortable, plus they are easy to slip on when they just want to run out to grab a coffee or get some shopping done. What could be better than a chic shirt you just have to throw on in run out the door?

Here are 5 mega-cool reasons to love your t-shirts:

#1: Comfort! Wearing a t-shirt is like wearing pj's all day long!
#2: Creativity! They come in so many styles and shapes it can be tough to pick.
#3:  Cute! T-shirts have always been seen as a super cute article of clothing.
#4: Seasons! You can wear a t-shirt layered over a long sleeved top in the cooler seasons and wear a t-shirt straight up when it gets sunny!
#5: Fun! With millions of ways to dress your T up or down, who could ask for a better piece of clothing?

Do you love your t-shirts? Tell me about it in the comment box!


  1. I really like this post format with the history of the garment. I'd love to see more of these!

  2. The t-shirt is an awesome trend, right?


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