Oct 29, 2011

Talking Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj may be a chart-topping pop-rapper, but it is more than her music that is getting peoples attention! Nicki’s wild, outlandish style is turning heads. Elaborate candy-coloured wigs, bubble gum pink lipstick and leopard print unitards have all become synonymous with Nicki!

Some describe Minaj’s style as “really weird” or “strange.” But, celebrity style has taken a drastic turn in the past several years and pop fame is as much about the talent as the look. Performance art is the new chart topper!

Lady GaGa pioneered the trend during the rise of her fame in April 2008 after releasing the ultimate dance-anthem “Just Dance.” She shocked us all in wacky architectural attire, sky-high heels and edgy blonde wigs. Just three months later when Katy Perry hit the scene with her controversial single “I Kissed A Girl,” everyone was talking about Katy’s eye catching pin-up girl style. And Ke$ha made her mark with her glittery grunge style and bold eye makeup.
Fast-forward to the year 2011 and behold Nicki Minaj.  Her signature look is a combination of Gaga, Perry and Ke$ha all wrapped into one super star!  Minaj’s style is incredible and mixes perfectly with her music. Her sound is unique, her lyrics are spot on and her place in the male dominated rap world is secure….Nicki Minaji like those pioneers before her is a bright light  for those coming up the pop charts.


  1. i love her style and songs... so unique!

  2. Nicki is such a coll singer, what do u think of her style? comment dolls, to let me know!


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