Oct 4, 2011

Love You, Leopard

The leopard print has always been associated with fashionista's who have a certain flair for the latest, chicest trends, but this October why not try the trend yourself? From leggings to adorable dresses it is time to unleash your inner cat woman...

This Fall hit up H&M for the cutest skin-tight leopard print dresses! The body hugging style looks amazing on and that leopard print pattern will have all eyes on y-o-u!

Check out Stylehive.com to buy these ultra-cool leopard leggings! The printed legging looks so fabulous and with that finishing sheeny shimmer how can any girl say no?

Aritzia shopper rejoice! This Fall Aritzia is all about that lovely leopard print. This gorgeous leopard wrap top looks chic with a skirt or jeans.

Do you love Louis Vuitton? Time to prove it! Their oh-so-elegant leopard scarf is a must have.....don't ya think?

Finally, finish off that leopard collection with a haute clutch! D&G are the go-to designers for a chic little leopard purse that says "I love fashion!"

This Fall, it is more than clear that leopard print is hot so why not rock the frock that everyone will have their eyes? You be the judge: will it be a dress, a scarf, a clutch....or will it be something else? No matter what leopard look you choose I know you will flaunt it!

What leopard look will you be flaunting this Fall? Leave a comment bellow to let me know....


  1. I love leaopard! I am obsessed w/ it!

  2. Hey!

    Great article! I love the leopard trend. Thanks for writng about it:)

  3. NICEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bust a move, baby this article roxitoz!

  5. Thank you for all of the amazing comments! Leopard print is very in, so get in style chicas!

    Flaunt It

  6. Great post, as always! Though I've gotta say, as much as I was obsessed with leopard print when I was little, I now think it's more of an accent thing, like for a scarf or a purse etc.

    Keep up the awesome work! :D

  7. I love leopard print! It's probably one of my favorite prints because it is just so fierce! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I think your is super cute and pretty amazing!


  8. b/c of flaunt it's article, i bought a leopard scarf. all my friends love it and i am a trend setter now!


  9. oooh! I have a leopard dress, but i feel to bold wearing it.... should i? and whats the best way to wear it? please post a comment below, and explain!! <3 thx

  10. fashiongurl23@gmail.comOct 12, 2011, 4:25:00 PM

    I love ur posts! keep it up! please comment on my blog, and follow! if you follow me i will follow you!!


  11. Trend alert! ;)

    I love your posts, I'm a new follower!
    Please follow me back if you like my blog♥

    () fashionista-marika.blogspot.com
    () twitter.com/marika_xoxo

  12. @ Just Being Me:
    I wouldn't wear a leopard print dress on any given day either, but I think it would look great for a party with black shoes.

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