Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
So...in honor of Earth day Flaunt It decided to share some eco-friendly fashion tips! (whoever said you can't go green fashionista style?)

Eco-friendly fashion is about sustainable fashion. What does that mean? Well, using organic cottons, hemp and bamboo to make clothes is very good for the environment and much more beneficial to our mother earth than some other materials. There are a lot of designers that are starting up eco-friendly fashion lines which is awesome because it means that you will have a ton of choice when you shop Earth aware!

Here is a quick clip that highlights one of the hottest designers, Vivienne Westwood,  talking about eco friendly fashion on the runways...

 Here are some other simple and easy tips to make fashion greener...

1. Walk to the shops when you go shopping.

2. Buy clothes made locally.

3. Check out vintage and 2nd hand clothing stores...recycled clothes are totally chic!
 Share your eco-friendly fashion tips with Flaunt It by commenting!
Happy Earth day...


  1. Long live Earth Day hehe

  2. Thank you for these Earth day tips!

  3. I love earth day! Great post, amazing blog!

  4. Most of my clothes are cotton. ;)

    Oh by the way, your blog is amazing! You keep readers informed on the latest trends and news as well as thinking of topics that I never would have thought of, and you write so well!


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