Jan 11, 2011

Boy Beiber Fever

Boy Beiber Fever

                                           It is true...guys everywhere are imitating JB’s look...

What kind of guys use straightening irons, shine enhancing shampoos and hairdryers to get one simple hair 'do? Easy, male Beiber fans! Boys aren't admitting to liking this Canadian singer but they sure do love him...or at least his hair! Guys are flaunting the Beibier style everywhere...actions speak louder than words my friends!

There is no denying that Beiber copycats are popping up all over the place! So how much are guys willing to pay to get the Beib look? The New York Times reported that salons charge up to $150 for Beibs ‘do that includes overgrown bangs brushed across the forehead! Guys, who don't want to splurge, are doing it themselves. There are some sites dedicated to curly haired boys who want Justin's hair and even sites for guys on straightening, dying and blow-drying their hair to look like Justin Beiber!

The next thing you know these Beiber wannabe's will be painting their fingernails with Justin Beiber’s nail polish line, launching in January but that's another story...


  1. hi!thank you for the nice comment! i appreciated!
    And i love your blog too! I will visit you.

  2. Oh, the Beibs is definitely sweeping the nation. And while, I have no problem with my guy listening to his music because I kind of find it endearing. I just don't think I could accept it if my BF decided to copycat J Bieber's Do..a la..Tom Brady. And I definitely say no to JB's sparkly nail polish..My BF will just have to get his JB kicks from the radio:)

  3. I am NOT a beiber fan! BUT wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Belles&Rebelles
    BESIDES BEIBER, your blog is great :)
    I'm your newest follower!



  4. that's sick. I hate Justin Bieber, more than words can say. I mean, his own nail polish? I bet he wears it. I hear he is a girl.

  5. I think Justin Beiber is weird... and nailpolish? Wow... he is really weird! He is not even a good singer!

  6. JB is big but I don't know anyone who actually likes him....ppl r crazy though and want his look! WEIRD or what?


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