Mar 28, 2011

Katy Perry Fashion...

Katy Perry isn't just famous for her totally catchy chart topping tunes she's  got style too, a style all her own... 

Katy Perry can  always be caught wearing something cute. From high waist lines, to hot pink, to big polka dots! For this pop diva fashion is big so how do you get this darlings sassy style? Easy....just follow Flaunt Its tips!

Go for bold neons and bright bubbly colours! Katy Perry is known for her vibrant array of fun colours...this chick knows that if you want to be in the spotlight you have to dress the part! Keep your eyes out for hot pinks, electric greens, highlighter yellows, bubblegum blue, purples that say "pow" and colours that are over-all eye catching! 

Don't waste your waist line...for Queen Katy P the waist is to accentuated in every way! Use a belt get your waist line noticed!

Go for patterns! Whenever Katy is picking an outfit she goes for big patterns....from polka dots to cute stripes pop star Perry is all about the big, the bold and the beautiful!

Want some inspiration for dressing like Katy? Flashback to Archie Comics vintage...Betty and Veronica are all about mini waists, polka dots and big bows....sound like anyone?

Actually Veronica Lodge seems to shine through a lot in Katy Perry's image. Veronica Lodge is the pretty, flirty, girly, cutesy, sassy fashionista who is always wearing something with a high waist line and low hem. Not to mention that innocent pout Ronnie tends to sport! If you ask moi Katy Perry takes a lot of inspiration from Veronica Lodge!

Veronica and Katy are so alike....they even look alike with their pretty black locks, pale skin and blue eyes...they could totally be twins!


  1. I love Katy Perry and Veronica Lodge....they are so alike!!!!!

    Your blog rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Never stop posting because honestly, you are the best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go work @ a magazine and I will be a subscription 4 lifeee!!!!
    all of my friends love this blog.....

  3. Wow. Great article! I love it. I totally agree. Veronica Lodge is just like Katy! I love her. Love your blog... check out mine!

  4. I totally love Katy Perry's style. Shes great, and so gorgeous! I love this post :)
    Love your blog doll, definitely following :)

  5. What a great comparison! I never even thought of this. But that out of the way I love Katy as well she is always so cute. Lovely post x

  6. True! I never noticed that!
    By the way, I love how you described all those colours.

  7. wow i just noticed that they have so much in common :o!! i <3 katty!! love your blog!!! :) i followed you back :)

  8. She has great style indeed! Thank you so much for your lovely comment I apreciate it. :) **

  9. I'm obsessed with Katy Perry; she's gorgeous & has amazing style!
    also, thanks for the comment on my blog!
    i'm following you!

  10. I love her outfits!
    I've seen her live and she's gorgeous.

    x Krizia

  11. Wow Katy and Veronica really look alike.
    I love Katy's style! Thanks for sharing.

    please visit my blog:)

  12. I heart Katy and Ronnie.....amazing comparison!

  13. Oh I love rocks that we have the same name! :-)

  14. This is the best post on your entire blgo!!!!!!

  15. Sweet, hot, kiss, kiss...all those words describe katy and you totallly encapsulated that!

  16. Thanks, Flaunt It! I love Katy's look and I'll take your advice on getting it. I think her red dress with white polka-dots is especially cute and stylish. And you're right; she does look like Veronica! I never noticed that before.

  17. love her! great fashion, amazing songs! she is so cool!


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