Mar 11, 2011

Model Talk Part 1

Whitney Thompson-ANTM's 1st plus-sized model winner (cycle
Models and fashion two words that go together hand in hand-with controversy! Some fashion guru's such as Karl Lagerfeld support the waif-like models. He says that fashion is about "dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women." That being said plus-sized model Whitney Thompson took America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 by storm and subsequently won the game-and the title of ANTM's first plus-sized model. It is and forever will be one of the most controversial questions of the fashion industry, models: whisper thin or bigger, better? The truth is that there is no real answer but one thing is true models are a huge part of the fashion industry and are a major contributer to the glory of the business. Here is part 1 of model talk...


With her big doe eyes, batty black lashes, cute blond pixie cut and waif-like body Twiggy makes for quite a supermodel. Twiggy was born in North London in 1949 and by age 16 Twiggy was known world-wide. Twiggy graced magazine covers and was named "the face of 1966" but what is the true attraction to this near skeletal schoolgirl? I think that the innocence that Twiggy portrays through her photos is the real appeal. From her Bambi eyes to her cast of gazes, Twiggy has an Alice in Wonderland feel. Her childlike innocence and vulnerable photography is a mixture of totally mod and Wonderland's sweetheart-Alice.

Jean Shrimpton 
Jean Shrimpton is a British born model who first began modeling in 1960, she was a student at Lucie Clayton's modeling school until age 17. Jean acquired many titles including "The face of the moment"and "The it girl" but, in June 1963 -just 3 years after she had started modeling- Glamour named her "Model of the year". Jean Shrimpton was the diva of her time and a trend setter too! Jean started the mini skirt trend in 1965 in Melbourne, Australia. She was there attending the Victoria Derby wearing a stunning white dress by designer Colin Rolfe that was a shocking 10cm above her knees! Jean is well known for her stunning beauty and glamorous, sophisticated modeling. With her subtle bouffant, dark arching eye brows and bee stung lips Jean has a girlish famine way about her best captured through the words glamour, sophistication and grace.

Dorian Leigh 
Dorian Leigh was born in 1917 in Texas but did not began her modeling career until 1944. Dorian was a petite model and her height was only 5.5', she often found herself far smaller then other models. Dorian was an unsuspected supermodel because of her age (which was 27 when she began) and height but, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, a fashion photographer saw something unique in Dorian feeling similarly was Diana Vreeland, the editor of Harper's Bazaar and the woman that introduced the two. The very next day after the threesome met, Dorian had her first assignment-she would be on the cover of Harper's Bazzar! From there Dorian's career skyrocketed and she was a cover girl for various magazines including Vogue, Elle, Life and more! Dorian is arguably the original supermodel from her high fashion photo shoots in luxurious gowns to her cover girl experiences.



  1. Dorian Lee.......YES. I. Will. LOVE. You. For. EVEERRR.........amazing beauty!

  2. I love twiggy! She is so cute! All those models are pretty though! Nice post!

  3. Hey! First of all thank you for your wonderful cute comment! Your blogs very great too! And yes, teh 60ies were great I love those old pictures and the pure elegance of teh women from that decade! Of course I can follow you, no problem, but what about following each other?
    I'm going to follow you now and I hope you do the same ;)kisses from Nini

  4. i will follow you.
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  5. I love your blog, and this article is amazing. I really want to become a model.... all of these models are legends. You are an amazing blogger. Great job. Keep it up!


  6. Models, models, models! Sorry part 2 has taken so will be up soon :)

  7. I really love Jean Shrimpton....she has a gorgesous face!

  8. Twiggy is so original...I always try and take photos like her...innocent and kid and play vibes ROVK!


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