Aug 15, 2011

ANTM All Star Cycle!

You wanna be on top?

Are you excited for September 14th 2011? You should be...a brand new cycle of America's Next Top Model is starting up, but this time with a twist!

Tyra has scouted out all the contestants since cycle 1 and selected a highly coveted bunch of Top Model contenders! Look out for fan favourites such as Allison and the diva Alexandra. This cycle promises outrage, amazement and modeling mania. 

This season looks VERY exciting....check out the season preview by watching the clip.

Post a comment bellow to let me know what part of this new cycle you are most excited about!


  1. SO excited for this season! Major thank you to @MrJayManuel for his tweet on this!

  2. Allison and her eyes! exciting!!!

  3. Hellloooo,

    Great article...I <3 this!!!!

  4. :-) I am a top model addict I am counting down the days for this season to begin!!!

  5. Bonour,

    @ Flaunt It I agree! Top Model is my LIFEEEE!!

  6. Hey,

    This is SO exciting! I LOOOOOVE ANTm and am very excited for this seasone to begin. I am a fan of Allison so I'll be looking out for her....and alexandria is always a drama queen....she will gain my attention! LOL

  7. Sweet post...I am a Tyra fan and so anything to do with her I <3! INcluding antm......oh and btw jay manuel rox!

  8. i loooove tyra! this looks awesome!!

  9. Thanks for all the amazing comments!


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