Aug 16, 2011

Short Story: Crossing Tessa

The editor-in-chief of Flaunt It swaps quick articles on beauty 101 for a short story that we hope our readers will love!

Crossing Tessa

Tessa Hayes was typical 14-year-old girl crazy about her fashion, her friends and of course a huge fan of pop music. Her favorite magazine was TeenPop…a magazine dedicated to pop music. Tessa was drawn to an article about how to get in touch with public relation companies for the biggest pop stars of the moment! Music was Tessa’s life and this link to her favorite musical stars was exactly what she had been looking for. Over the past 6 months Tessa formed an online kinship with the PR firm responsible for her favorite singer- Abby Argona…
Date: September 26th 2011
Hey A.a. pr,
I have not heard from you in a while…what’s up? I had the best day today! The talent show board was posted…my group made it. I am in a group with my best friend Grace (we are the lead singers) and Courtney who is playing the drums and Gwen who is playing guitar.
Oops…I’m getting ahead of myself I haven’t even told you what we are singing! We are doing a piece by a very popular teen singer…have you heard of Abby Argona? We are singing the song “Forever” from her new album. She is my favorite singer
Talk to you later
September 30rd 2011
Hello Tessa,
That is awesome that your group is performing in the talent show. I’m sure you will all be fantastic.
I know who Abby Argona is! I am sure she would be very flattered that you are performing her song. Did you know she writes her own music?
Bye for now,

Date: October 2nd 2011
Wow! Abby writes her own music? She is so talented…I’m her biggest fan. Actually my best friend Grace got 3 tickets to see Abby live in concert when she is on tour here in Boston on October 10th. She is only in Boston for one night and all the tickets have been sold out for months. I hope Grace asks me to go to the concert with her.
Date: October 5th
Hello Tessa,
Abby’s concerts are really good so have fun with Grace if you go together. Abby practices choreography and singing for hours before she goes on stage…kind of like how you are practicing with your group for the talent show!
Date: October 8th 2011
Something awful has happened! We were practicing for the talent show- all of us were at Grace’s house. We had just finished rehearsing the lyrics to “Forever” and were taking a break.  Grace stood up abruptly and started talking directly to me. Her voice sounded excessively nasally and she wasn’t making eye contact with me. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be good.
“Look…Courtney, Gwen and I have been talking. We feel like there only needs to be one lead singer.” Grace paused and looked over at Courtney and Gwen for reassurance. Gwen nodded with a guilty look on her face before continuing the conversation.
“We talked to Ms. Hush, the talent show director, She agrees. She thinks Grace should sing lead.”
I was in total shock. How could my friends do this to me?
“But…I have been working as hard as all of you! The talent show is next week...this is not fair. We are a team. I guess there is not much else to say….” I felt angry and hurt.
“Well,” Courtney smirked “ In all honesty I’ll bet if you asked Abby Aragona who should sing lead she would say Grace….and she’d be right.”
There was nothing else to be said. I felt terrible and what was worse…no one even cared. I started collecting my music and bag awkwardly.
Gwen put her hand on my shoulder and smiled weakly.
“Thanks for being so easy going about it. Hopefully this doesn’t affect our real life friendship. I am still free to eat lunch with you on Thursdays.”
For a moment I thought she was mocking me. It was such an ignorant thing to say.
“Real life friendship? Is this some kind of fantasy world to you ? Please…this is reality enough for me. I can see all of you for who you really are now I wish I’d seen it sooner before I’d gone and wasted all this time.” I was about to leave still in shock that Courtney and Gwen had been pulled in by Grace’s you-will-do-what-I-tell-you-to personality like brainless ducklings.
Courtney flared her eyes at Grace who sniggered in spite of herself. It was disgusting to watch.
“Oh and Gwen…for the record I’m actually not free on Thursdays. Lucky for me… I would die if I had to spend a whole lunch hour with a pig like you.”
As I walked out the door I could here Grace giggling nauseously and inviting Courtney and Gwen to the Abby concert.
How has your day been?
Date: October 9th 2011
Hey Tessa,
I think I might know a way  to cheer you up. Meet me outside the Rosedon Concert Hall tomorrow at 7:30.  I will be waiting for you there in a blue coat.
-A.a. pr
That Thursday a very skeptical Tessa Hayes waited to meet her anonymous email friend.
“Hey! Helloooo!” A blue-eyed blonde haired teen wearing a royal blue leather bomber jacket was jogging briskly up to Tessa.
“ Hi I am Tessa Hayes. Are you…” Tessa realized she did not know the girls name.
“Nice to meet you Tessa. My pr person told me all about you! It sounds like your friends have given you a pretty rough time. I was thinking….that since you are such a loyal fan maybe you could help me out!?” Abby smiled
Tessa’s mouth dropped in shock. All this time she had been emailing her favourite singer? It seemed unreal!
“Tessa….will you join me onstage to sing “Forever”? I know you know all the words.” Abby was beaming.
“I would love to.” Tessa responded.
Tessa and Abby went though hair and makeup preparation and selected their costumes. Before hey were due on stage Abby turned to Tessa and winked.
“So are those friends of yours out there in the audience tonight?”
For a moment a wave of nerves gushed through Tessa….Grace, Gwen and Courtney were in the audience.
Then Abby whispered: “Well…show ‘em whose boss.”
The End

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