Aug 29, 2011

Get Her Look: Rossie Huntington

Top model and actress Rosie Huntington knows style when she sees it! Here is how to get her chic make up look this Fall!

1. Wash your face with St. Ives Apricot Scrub to get your skin looking luxe.

2. Dust on a bit of your favorite face powder to keep your skin looking even and fresh.

3. Swipe on a bit of Maybeline Define Lash Mascara. Rosie's lashes look dark and thick without looking gloopy so don't go overboard with the mascara!

4. Add a bit of nude Estee Lauder eye shadow to make your eyes glow. 

5. Get your lips looking lovely with Lancome Juicy Tubes in Raspberry Ice. A chic glossy lip is what keeps Rosie shinning all night!

These 5 easy steps will have you looking as glam as this mega model!


  1. i have that juicy tube and love it!

  2. i am trying this out tonight for my date.

  3. hey there,

    cool post. i love rosie huntington she has a very beautiful style and her makeup is pretty too!


  4. Rosie is such a beautiful model. Those cheek bones make me feel so pathetic though....

  5. Thanks for all the kind comments!

  6. I've always found her very attractive.

  7. She is the kind of girl who just looks amazing no matter what! Thanks for these tips, I'm trying this for next friday night when im going out with my bf. Hope he confuses me for Rossie and we end up together :)


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