May 30, 2011

Zoe Rachel Faux Fur

Rachel Zoe sporting her faux fur vest
Fur has always been a controversial aspect of the fashion industry and everyone has their opinions on fur's pros and cons but one aspect of fur fashion that everyone is unanimous on, is faux fur! It is better for the environment and of course better for animals.

Some of the luxe fur vests from the line
Designer Zoe Rachel feels faux fur should be something luxurious ad something that people want to buy so with this opinion in mind she started a line of faux fur clothing. The line features faux fur vests, coats, purses and outerwear accessories perfect for that touch trend to any outfit.

The line is catching on, even on the most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model the model's had a photo shoot featuring the fur! Here are some of the pics...

Here is Flaunt It's rundown of Zoe Rachel faux fur collection....

Best Part: It looks so chic! When you look at the photos you would never guess that it was faux fur.

Why You Should Buy It: Because you can! Unlike real fur clothing that is astronomically pricey this line of clothing is truly affordable! With faux fur vests starting at $88.00, it is amazing!

What are your thoughts on Zoe Rachel's collection? Post a comment bellow to share your thoughts... 


  1. Wowa, I love this!

  2. Nice....I want this all!

  3. Very nice me faux fur shows that there are ppl who care.

  4. Catherine (CocoXD)Jun 2, 2011, 5:38:00 PM

    i love her collection. u r not killing animals so ur happy 2! :)

  5. Nice! I love Faux Fur......this looks amazing! I'm pretty big on compasionate fashions so this is waaaaaay me! Thanks for sharing this....

  6. hi,
    I love her. didnt they wear her cloths on america's next top model? I love her collection, and i am buying something there now!

  7. Bunting! I love thigggg

  8. Hi,
    I found out about this blog on google... it is cool! I think you are a good blogger! I am following! Follow me back? Thx!


  9. YOu are a really good bring light to this topic wich sadenes me...those animal abusers who kill innocent animals :'( Thank you Zoe Rachel and thank you Flaunt It for promoting this important cause.

  10. I hope the faux fur vest will be a trend back in the years to come.
    nice post..


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