May 28, 2011

Chanel Iman Style

Style File: Steal That Style
Chanel Iman

This Spring steal model Chanel Iman's snazzy style in just 3 simple ways...

Shady Lady: Chanel's style is instantly amped up with a classic pair of sun shades!

How To Steal It: Check out your fave accessories store and look out for sunglasses that compliment your skin tone and face shape. Generally is you have  round face go for a square lens and if your face is more square go for a rounder lens.

Hint: For Summer brown lenses are extra stylish!

Tee Time: Chanel knows you can always go glam with a graphic tee that says "bam!"

How To Steal It: Chanel's {above} outfit is totally rocker chic but, what really makes it is that awesome graphic tee. Check out some of your favourite shops for gorgeous graphic tee's and tank's that make an impact!

Hint: The bolder, the better! When it comes to statement graphic shirts go for something that expresses your personality. Chanel's tee screams rocker, pretty, punk!

Haute Hair: Fashion model, Chanel is a fan of the Greek styled jewel encrusted headband.

How To Steal It: Use one of your prettiest headbands and place it around your forehead for a look that is totally cool.

Hint: Check out fab headband designer Anastasia Chatzaka for some ultra-chic accessories pour-la-tete!

....And that's how to steal Chanel Iman's supermodel style! Do you have a fave fashionista? Would you like tips on how to get her style  posted about on Flaunt It? Post a comment bellow to make your request today.


  1. Hey,
    I love this post...I think your next style file girl should be Gwen Steffani or Beyonce. They rock a mean look!!

  2. Hi Kreesta,
    Thanks for your comment. Those suggestions are amazing and will be taken into consideration for the next style file post!
    Flaunt It

  3. Nice post....Chanel is veryy pretty!

  4. Hey! I love her.. she is such a good model, and so pretty!I am totally stealing her style now that I have the tips!
    Check out my blog...

  5. sweet! i lov this!

  6. I really like Chanel Iman. She has a unique style and her modeling abilities are very good. Continue your is great!

  7. I love her, she's rocking that style:)

  8. Fantastique! I love Chanel Iman-she is a truuuu beauty!

  9. She is an amzing model....I wish I looked lik her! She is so beautiful and exotic looking! Now I can get her style and its all thanx 2 u!

  10. Chanel has a really cool look.

  11. Readers,
    This post is the most popular on the blog right now...would you like another style file post about a popular model!?
    Let me know,
    Flaunt It


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