May 10, 2011

#1 Spring Watch

 Our Latest Love....

Recently Flaunt It was out patrolling for the hottest Spring watch and guess what the best watch was? is a hint it does follow the trend that blue is hot this Spring.

 This watch is great for many reasons but one of the reasons it was chosen for #1 watch for Spring is the colour! The bold and fun colour sends off excited vibes and we all want to send off those vibes in the Spring season!

Another perk to this watch is it is made from silicon rubber as apposed to plastic. It is known that plastic watches have a tenancy of breaking. Silicon rubber is soft and smooth on your skin, it is light and durable too.

Probably one of the most attractive parts of this watch is the modern twist! The face has no numbers, instead there are lime green dashes where the numbers would have been. This look is totally cool and the perfect modern touch.

Other bonuses for this watch? It is waterproof, has a large face making it easy to read and it is totally affordable at around $80.00.


  1. Bought it, love it!

  2. Gorge, you write about the hottest stuff!

  3. So hot! I love this watch....I own it is brown :-)

  4. yes,the colour is fine in spring<3


  5. So I'm buying this!

  6. Now....your blog looks so amazing and i want 2 say this post is also cooooooo!


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