May 24, 2011

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

Betsey Johnson...glitz, glam, fun! The Betsey Johnson fashion show for Spring 2011 was an utterly joyous event.....

Naturally everything 'Betsey' has a vibe of fun, youthful, life's-a-party which in fashion (especially, might I add, in Spring fashion) is what is wanted! The Betsey Johnson show for Spring was all that and oh so much more...

Runway Rundown...


The thing that I love about Betsey is her willingness to indulge in bold and cute colours. I think fashion-lovers have to agree that a Betsey show would NOT be complete without a glorious array of colours from purple to yellow to pink and orange! This designer has the whole rainbow covered.


When it came to cosmetics Betsey's models were looking fierce! All the models were wearing a green eyeshadow, light pink lipstick and a light blush. The hair was left loose but slightly curled and disheveled.

-Over all-

The over all show was amazing! The dresses were all gorgeous and the kinds of dresses your could really picture yourself wearing to a gala or prom. Numerous high-end designers this Spring were going for edgey, bold colours and Betsey was showcasing this brilliant trend as well!

A Taste of The Magic....

Bellow are some photographs of some of Flaunt Its personal favourite dresses from the Spring 2011 run way show. From funky to flirty and everything in between Betsey remains a Flaunt It fave when it comes to cutesy designs!

* The whimsey purple has a very "fairytopian" vibe. Plus the colour of the gown is beyond beautiful!
* The big poof is what grabs your attention...but this outfit would not be complete without that adorable strawberry fabric!
* The aqua colour of this gown is stunning....need I say more?
* This is prom queen with a capital "P". From the over-the-top poofy skirts to the sunset tones! Betsey knows how to make a girl look glam.


  1. I LOve Betsey!!!!! This is amazing................are you a designer? You write like one...yoru understandemtn of the fabric and colour is admirable!

  2. Awesome post......what magazines do you write for again?? You need to make one....your stuff is reallly incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh So Marvelous! I just love this blog.....oh and darling betsey! :-)

  4. I love your have a lot of experience in the fashion industry...are you a famous desinger? :-) You could be bella!!!

  5. Nice....very nice!

  6. Oh my gosh! That is amazing :-)

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  8. Hey,
    I love your is sooo amazing! I put it all over FB!
    Ashley Benson

  9. Great post Flaunt It! I really enjoy reading your is always superb :-)

  10. I love the use of the word "Fairytopian!" And I second your other commenter-people. You could, and definitely SHOULD be a famous designer.

  11. I love the first whimsey purple dress. The color is amazing indeed:)

  12. I'll play prom queen any day in that turquoise get-up! Now all that I need is a boy to play the King!

  13. I love those dresses... so nice! I love Betsy Jhonson's designs...!

  14. Those dresses are so cute! And by the way, you're a great writer. This is an awesome blog.

  15.! I want to see katy perry sporting betsey.....that is a collaboration that would be 100% perfect!
    Keep up the awesome are a supberb writer!!

  16. Betsey has the coolest clothing!

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